Alumnus of the Year Awards 2018

Award for Distinguished Service to NBC: Dennis & Hannah Kroeker

I met this couple in the fall of 1993 when I came here as a student and they were on staff. I remember being impressed with his Ford ½ ton and the 2 skidoos he had sitting on his front yard here on campus. I’m sure I was also impressed with his theological knowledge and his ability to teach, which he did here at NBI for 13 years.

Now, fast forwarding from the time they were on staff until I came on staff in 2006. It was at this time I was able to reconnect with them around the ladies dorm renovation project. I clearly remember the day Dennis Kroeker called me to say he had a day open up where he could volunteer in the dorm. That was the same day where I had to attend to the needs of one of my friends who had just lost his mother. Dennis’ timing and ability to listen to and obey the Holy Spirit has always astounded me. Most recently it was from Dennis that both Jason and I received support and encouragement through texts, phone calls, coffee and prayer as we navigated the waters of presidential and staff transition.

We all know that behind every good man stands a supportive wife, and Hannah’s contributions to the NBC family are equally as significant. Hannah has been a huge encouragement as she has joined cantata year after year and particularly taken the soprano section under her wings by taking them to her home and working on perfecting their parts. It has often been observed that Hannah is intentional at ensuring students feel welcome at their church and have opportunity to get involved. Many students can attest to Hannah’s gift of hospitality as they have been well fed with perogies, enchiladas and donuts, as well as her willingness to visit them on their turf in the dorm.

Dennis and Hannah Kroeker are people like you and I who have determined to live life in step with the Holy Spirit. This is evident year after year as they pour into the lives of NBC Staff, Students and their church family through words of encouragement, tangible involvement and time in prayer on our behalf.

It is a great privilege for us as an Alumni Association to recognize Dennis and Hannah Kroeker with a 2018 Alumnus of the Year Award for distinguished service to NBC.

Kendall Dyck

Award for Distinguished Faithfulness in Ministry: Darryl & Denise Rice

In 2000 this young lady came to Nipawin Bible Institute as a freshman. She spent 2 years as a student at Nipawin before heading west to Alberta to go to College for 1 year in Olds for office administration. She chose the Olds area mostly because her older brother already lived in the area serving as a youth pastor. In fact it was this brother who initially convinced her to come out and help with the youth group at his church during in that fall of 2002.
After her first year of helping another young man returned from his own 3 years of Bible College up in Peace River country. He also began “helping out” at the youth group, which was the church he’d grown up in. They helped with youth for a couple years and it wasn’t too long and this friendship grew to be something more. In the meantime, Denise’s brother had moved on from Youth Pastoring there, and it was the fall of 2005 when Darryl and Denise decided together that there were just too many youth in their church to “not have a youth group” of some sort. And so, still only dating, they took on the role of youth leaders at Garrington Community Church. On the side of course, Denise worked full-time with the Olds Agriculture society and Darryl was in the midst of schooling in nearby Red Deer College. Denise laughed telling me she thought they’d maybe do it for a few years. In the spring of 2006 they were married and carried on leading youth as a married couple.

They continued to run youth during the 2 years Darryl did school up in Edmonton. He’d live up there during the week, drive the 2 1/4 hours back down to Garrington on Friday just in time to run youth with Denise and they’d have the weekend together before he headed back to Edmonton while she stayed working in Olds. In 2011 and 2013 they welcomed a son (Eli) and daughter (Addelyn) and didn’t miss a beat with leading youth. Their babies turned into toddlers and then to little kids and they just brought them along.

They see a wide mix of both churched and unchurched kids and find the ministry most fulfilling when they see youth growing and living their life for God. Darryl and Denise have made a concerted effort to bring their youth to three60five, they think they’ve only missed 1 or maybe 2 in their 13 years. In fact one of Denise’s most memorable youth experiences was hearing a deep spiritual conversation for 6 hours on the way home in one of the recent years. They are pleased to see one of their youth here at NBC as a freshman this year.

Denise continues to work with the Olds Agriculture Society where she’s been for 15 years, and after teaching for a number of years Darryl now works as a Field Operator in the oil & gas industry. And they’re still leading youth, many of whom weren’t born when they started. Apart from youth ministry, the Rice’s also enjoy serving Sunday’s with Sunday School, sound and tech ministry, and Darryl has also served on the Church Board.

The Nipawin Bible College is pleased to recognize Darryl and Denise Rice with the 2018 Alumnus of the Year award for Faithfulness in Ministry.

Jason Elford

Alumni Weekend Recaps

2017 Recap

Highlights of the weekend:

1)Raised a record $20,495 alumni projects for the year:
-Replacing the 57yr old main range hood and oven
-Replacing the 16yr old main Hobart dishwasher

2)Alumni bursaries ($500 per student):
-Emily Reimer, Myles Abrahamson, Colton Abrahamson, Benjamin Steppan

3)New Alumni Executive members voted in:
-Shelby Desharnais, and Joshua Nickel

4)Dave and Sharon Dyck were main speakers

5)Alumni of the Year for 2017:
-Manfred and Stella Neff for Distinguished Faithfulness in Ministry
-Dave and Marsha Reimer for Distinguished Service to NBC

6)Well attended and relevant workshops, incredible afternoon coffee house run by Reneil Larson and the overtime win by the NBC staff/students hockey team.