Through the life of Joseph we are going to look at how long-term Hope, true Hope is found only in Jesus Christ.  The theme HOPE LIVES HERE is going to focus on: first - that there is Hope. There is purpose and reason for this life and that life is a valuable and amazing thing; secondly, real life long hope is found only in a relationship of trusting in God. Jesus is alive and as we learn about Him from His word and learn from Him through the work of the Holy Spirit we find meaning and purpose for this life; lastly, that hope is found in Jesus Christ in the good things and in the hard things. This hope in Jesus understood properly allows us to see God at work in the situations we are in that make us smile and that make us want to cry. Things like darkness, loneliness, seeing no end to the problem, hurt and pain don’t have to be the things that control and dominate our lives. Jesus Christ is our Hope because He shows us who He is and who we are made to be by Him. When I ask Jesus to live in me, accept that He is my Lord and that He saved me by paying for my sin on the cross He comes and lives in me. “Because Jesus is our hope and He lives in me, HOPE LIVES HERE.”

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