Click on the pictures or names of each of our staff and faculty members to learn more about them or how to contact them.

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[member name=”Lindsay Anderson, M.A.” role=”Academic Dean” img=””][/member]

[member name=”Wes Dobson, D. Min.” role=”President” img=””][/member]

[member name=”Joel Houston, M.A.” role=”Missions Conference” img=””]

[member name=”Jeremy Loseth” role=”Part-Time Maintenance” img=””][/member]

[member name=”David Smith, M.A. ” role=” Student Ministries”  img=””]

[member name=”Adam Yadlowsky, B.A. ” role=”Student Life Director/three60five” img=””][/member]


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[member name=”Amanda Anderson” role=”Administrative Assistant” img=””][/member]

[member name=”Sandy D’Amours” role=”Assistant Cook” img=””][/member]

[member name=”Kendall Dyck ” role=”Finance & Facilities Manager” img=””]

[member name=”Melisa Dyck” role=”Receptionist/Bookstore” img=””]

[member name=”Jason Elford ” role=”Admissions & Alumni Relations Director” img=””][/member]

[pullquote align=”left”]“The staff have shown that they care about each individual student.  This has been great for building trust.”

Janique Harder,
Foundations for Life Program[/pullquote]

[member name=”Jennifer Enns” role=”Dean of Women/Yearbook” img=””][/member]

[member name=”Timothy Lenko” role=”Admissions Counsellor/Drama Coach” img=””][/member]

[member name=”Bradly Lytle” role=”Dean of Men” img=””]

[member name=”Myra Schmidt, B. Mus.” role=”Music Director/Librarian” img=””]

[member name=”Elfe Smith, B.C.E. ” role=”Tutoring” img=””]

[member name=”Valerie Weber ” role=”Food Services Manager” img=””]

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