Peter is a new addition to the faculty at NBC as of 2018. He is currently teaching in the areas of Bible and Theology, and Mission Studies. Peter also serves as college tutor. His recently accepted PhD dissertation through the University of Aberdeen is entitled “Jesus and Myth: The Gospel Account’s Two Patterns,” and is concerned with the question of the Gospel’s relation to myth. He proposes the presence of two opposing patterns structuring the Gospel account: the pattern of Jesus Christ versus the world’s mythological pattern reflected in those who oppose Jesus (Colossians 2:8-9), and which is tied to the global ‘combat myth’ pattern. Other research interests include the Biblical languages and manuscripts, Biblical accuracy and authority, Biblical history and prophecy, and popular reception of the Gospel in mainstream culture. Peter is married to Amanda and has four children. He enjoys discovering and playing music old and new, exploring God’s creation, and looking for the soon return of the LORD Jesus Christ.

BT123: Approaching the Bible
BT124: Letters of Paul: Ephesians to Thessalonians and Philemon
BT215: Israel: Conquest to Crisis
BT225: Creation, Science, and Faith
BT310: Israel: Crisis to Restoration
BT312: The Church and Last Things
BT313: Bible Prophecy
GE351: Introduction to Biblical Greek 1
MI257: World Religions

B.A., Business Administration Concentration, Ambrose University (AUC), 2006;
B.A., Religious Studies, University of British Columbia, 2010;
M.A., Religious Studies – Biblical Studies, University of British Columbia, 2012;
Ph.D., Religious Studies – Early Christianity, University of Aberdeen, 2018