Academic Dean

Faculty/Director of Advancement

Joel has been a faculty member at NBC since 2014 and teaches in the areas of Systematic Theology and New Testament in addition to organizing the NBC Missions Emphasis Week. Joel’s research interests include 18th Century British Evangelicalism, Modern Literature, and Media and Communications theory; his recently completed PhD thesis is slated to be published by Routledge, UK in 2020. Joel is married to Danielle and has three children. Joel enjoys long-distance running, fine arts, and hunting.

BT113: God and the Bible
BT214: Humanity, Sin, and Salvation
BT312: The Church and Last Things

B.A., English Literature, Nazarene University College, 2004;
Dip.C.S., Christian Studies, Regent College, 2011;
M.A., Theological Studies, Regent College, 2011;
PhD, Theology, University of Manchester, 2017