Director of Admissions & Alumni Relations

FaceDown Director

Jason has served at NBC since 2011.  He loves Lindsay, his beautiful wife, and they have been blessed with 4 daughters.  Jason loves God and knows God brought him to Nipawin. He thinks Nipawin’s greatest strength is three-fold: 1) our focus on immersing our students into the truth of God’s Word, 2) living in close relationship with them so they learn how to live out what they are learning and being immersed in, and 3) seeing them leave as servant leaders who understand our call to both serve the church and serve as part of the church.  He also thinks we are the perfect size at 45 to 65 students to accomplish such a task.  Jason loves getting to know our alumni, spending time with students, playing sports and musical instruments, renovating, and generally just trying to promote Christ (and then NBC) to the world.

Christian Leadership Diploma, Nipawin Bible Institute, 1998;
Diploma in Radio Broadcasting, SAIT, 2002;
B.A.F.A. in Music/Recording, Prairie Bible College, 2005;
Nipawin Bible College Staff, 2011-