A "deacon" in the Bible is one who models Christ-like character in a servant capacity (1 Timothy 3:8-13). Our new program, being launched for the first students to start in September 2020, is designed to train servants to be Christ-like and have a strong biblical foundation.  If successfully completed, a certificate will be issued at graduation in April 2021.

This program is for those who are serious about developing a relationship with Jesus Christ, increasing their knowledge of the Bible, having a campus experience, and developing great relationships with other Christian young people.

The target group for this program are those who wish to have a Bible College experience but would not meet the academic entrance requirements and who wish to gain vocational experience.

There will be a limited number of spots available for September 2020.

What the Deacons Program Is:

Same class content as the academic program

Same professors

Same chapel/discipleship occasions

Same student life/ministry/service opportunities

Same dorm and recreational activities

Eligibile for Canada government student loans

An opportunity to study the Bible and get vocational experience while at Bible College

Different in syllabus and course requirements

What the Deacons Program Is Not:

An apprenticeship program


A place to goof off and waste time

A job placement - this is Bible College with a vocational experience

Other Details

You will spend 10-15 hours/week learning practical skills paired with a business with opportunities in:

*   Carpentry
*   Electrical
*   A Tire Shop
*   Food Services
*   Auto Parts Store
*   Cabinet Making
*   Plumbing/Heating
(NOTE: NBC cannot guarantee placements in any one area - all are subject to work/placement availability).

You will also have opportunities to take part in "modular" courses in:

*   Obtaining a Bus driver's license
*   Small engines
*   Possession and acquisition license (PAL)
*   Saskatchewan Hunter's Safety
*   Basic First Aid
NOTE: Subject to final availability

How it Works

1. The student will be enrolled at Nipawin Bible College in a full course load in the Deacons Program.

2. The student will be required to participate in all classes and chapels.

3. The student will be required to do student work on NBC campus as well as a student ministry.

4. The student will do between 10-15 hours per week with a "vocational mentor" on the job assigned to him/her off campus.

5. The student be evaluated monthly in his/her academic, community and work ethic.

6. In order to be allowed/invited back for second semester, the first semester must be successfully completed.

7. When the student completes his/her full year of the program he/she will receive a certificate.


Profession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and evidence of a born-again experience

Consistency in Christian living and a commitment to spiritual growth

Graduation from high school and 18 years of age or older

Valid driver's license

Reliable transportation - Vehicle and fuel are the responsibility of the student in order to get to work placement

Clear Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sectors Check

Willingness to abide by student handbook standards and sign the community standards agreement (see the student handbook)

Steel-toe boots, safety glasses, outdoor work clothing (for the cold) and coveralls with reflective markings.  Where necessary, the host business will provide additional job-specific items such as earplugs, uniforms, respirators and trade-specific tools.

Course Assignments

You can see how the assignments might differ between the Academic Program and the Deacons Program by looking at the separate syllabus for both programs.


What is the cost of the program?

The tuition and room/board costs are the same for all programs in the college. For the Deacons program, there are some additional expenses which need to be kept in mind. When taking the extra “modular” components (bus driving, Hunter’s safety, PAL course, etc.) there will be costs in order to complete these certified courses.

Will I get paid for my time in vocational experience?

The student will be a volunteer for the first semester and will get credits toward successful completion of the program. He/she needs to pass the first semester’s requirements in order to be invited back for the second semester in the Deacons program. If the first semester is successfully completed, it is our expectation that the student will be paid for hours worked in the second semester.

Will I be able to use the hours in this program toward an apprenticeship?

Our program is not a certified apprenticeship. Some apprenticeship programs allow previous hours of experience to be counted toward a logbook. The student is encouraged to check with an accredited apprenticeship program for details if there are further questions in this regard.

What if I don’t get my first vocational choice?

We will attempt to pair each student with their preference indicated on the application form. Depending on availability and the number of applicants, we would try to give the student their second choice. It is very helpful for each student to be as flexible as possible.

Will I get experience in all the vocations?

Not likely. It is the intent of the program to pair the student with one vocational opportunity for the year so as to learn that vocation as well as possible. Changing sites frequently means that the student is not very useful for the host tradesman. Remember that he/she is running a business and needs a contribution from the student, not repeatedly starting from square one.