NBC has consistently been one of the most affordable Bible colleges in Canada. Almost half the costs of running the school are covered by outside donations. Students who live in the dorms are given part-time jobs in the Student Work program to help keep Room & Board costs down. Take a look at the rest of these financial pages and do some quick math ­ you’ll find that NBC offers a great value for your investment.

Fee Schedule

Resident Students
Tuition (up to 18 hours/semester) $6900.00
Room Rental and Food Services $4900.00
Damage/Key Deposit (Refundable) ($100.00)
Total for one year $11800.00


Non-Resident Students
Tuition (up to 18 hours/semester) $6900.00
Totals per semester $3450.00


 Other Fees
Audit Fee per credit hour: $145.00
Part-Time Hourly Tuition: $290.00 per hour
Hourly Tuition Fee (over 18): $150.00
Textbooks: $100-150/semester
Private Lesson Fee (1/2 hour lesson): $200/11 lessons
Private Lesson Fee (1 hour lesson): $350/11 lessons
Special Diet Fee: $200/semester
Graduation Fee: $100.00
Intense Course Fee: $275.00



Students usually pay their Tuition, Room & Board, and incidental fees (sports, student fees, etc.) on registration day. Textbooks are purchased separately, and are available in NBC’s bookstore. Those who will not be able to pay on registration day need to talk to the Finance Manager before arriving to explain their plan or ask about partial payment options. Interest will be added to unpaid balances.

Student Work

Resident students are given part-time student work which requires five hours of their time each week. The program helps to develop skills, personal responsibility and a good work ethic. It also makes possible the very reasonable Room & Board fees.

Payment Options for Students & Parents


This is the normal and preferred means of payment—it is simple and streamlined. Once students have registered for classes and extracurricular activities, we give them a bill for one semester’s expenses. If you are mailing a cheque, you should be aware that payments received more than 30 days after the billing date are subject to late penalties.

Debit/Credit Card

We are also able to process plastic payments. Although this offers a degree of convenience, it has a few drawbacks.

Most debit cards have a daily limit well below the cost of one semester at NBC. That means you would either have to make daily debit card payments to NBC for almost a week or contact your bank to make arrangements for your limit to be temporarily raised.

It costs NBC extra time and money to process credit card payments. Therefore, a $150-per-semester convenience fee is added to all tuition bills paid by credit card.

RESP or other prepaid plan

Parents who have paid into an RESP or other prepaid plan should contact their plan’s administrator for details on how to apply those funds to their child’s tuition. NBC will provide Proof of Enrolment and other necessary documents upon request.