General Alumni Information

The Nipawin Bible College Alumni Association was first formed in 1954, but lapsed during the difficult transition years of moving from the TRBI site to the present-day one in Nipawin. It was revived in 1967, taking on some commendable projects over the next number of years. The Alumni Exec team elected in 1972 purposed to make an all-about-effort to enlist the interest and support of more former students and to make the association into a more effective source of support for the Institute. The Alumni Constitution was last amended and altered by the Alumni Executive in 2007. It was approved and accepted by the Alumni Association in 2008 at Alumni Weekend in November, having also been approved by the NBC Board of Directors earlier in the year.

As per the Alumni Constitution, the Alumni Association of NBC exists for the following three purposes:

  1. To maintain a mutual alumni interest in the welfare of the Nipawin Bible College.
  2. To maintain fellowship among all former students.
  3. To maintain an alive executive to co-ordinate the alumni activity and interest.

You can view the complete NBC Alumni Constitution here.