Many editions of NBC’s Rivers newsletter feature excerpts of an interview with an NBC alumnus.

The complete interviews are available below – as there is often only room in the Rivers newsletter for an edited (shortened) version of each interview.

Hopefully you find these interviews a blessing and a challenge to you in your own walk with God. They attempt to capture a picture of everyday life as these alumni share a bit of what God is doing and has done in their lives, years after they have moved on from their studies at NBC.

Click on the names to read the interviews.

February 2015 – Chris Neudorf
June 2012 – Trevor & Sandy Wiebe
February 2012 – Dwight & Michele Koop
October 2011 – Dan and Mandy Thiessen
June 2011 – Dave and Marsha Reimer
October 2010 – Charles and Janice Audette
June 2010 – Kendall and Amanda Buhler
February 2010 – Ken and Lina Yadlowsky
October 2009 – Rose Honnecker
June 2009 – Mark and Andrea Koop
February 2009 – Jake Ens
October 2008 – Cliff and Eleanor Maier
June 2008 – Ed and Karen Peters
February 2008 – Michael McDonald

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