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Many editions of NBC’s Rivers newsletter feature excerpts of an interview with an NBC alumnus.

The complete interviews are available below – as there is often only room in the Rivers newsletter for an edited (shortened) version of each interview.

Hopefully you find these interviews a blessing and a challenge to you in your own walk with God. They attempt to capture a picture of everyday life as these alumni share a bit of what God is doing and has done in their lives, years after they have moved on from their studies at NBC.

February 2015 – Chris Neudorf
June 2012 – Trevor & Sandy Wiebe
February 2012 – Dwight & Michele Koop
October 2011 – Dan and Mandy Thiessen
June 2011 – Dave and Marsha Reimer
October 2010 – Charles and Janice Audette
June 2010 – Kendall and Amanda Buhler
February 2010 – Ken and Lina Yadlowsky
October 2009 – Rose Honnecker
June 2009 – Mark and Andrea Koop
February 2009 – Jake Ens
October 2008 – Cliff and Eleanor Maier
June 2008 – Ed and Karen Peters
February 2008 – Michael McDonald

If you would be interested in being interviewed, please email us at