The Alumni Exec currently consists of 5 members, in addition to an NBC staff member who serves as staff liason. Each executive member serves a 2 year term, and can be re-elected for a second 2 year term if they so wish. After a one year absence past executive members are welcome to re-run for a position on the Exec. The Alumni Executive seeks to serve the Alumni Association by helping it reach its stated purposes in the Alumni Constitution.

This is a volunteer position. The hours put into this job can widely vary depending on the current Executive, how much each Exec is willing to put into the position, and many varying other conditions. The main time-consuming responsibility of Alumni Executive in recent years has been planning and organizing Alumni Weekend, held every November at the college.

Josh Lees

Josh grew up being trained to love God. He followed in his parents' and sisters' footsteps to take his faith seriously by attending a Bible College. From the years 2015-2018 he attended NBC, growing in his faith and meeting many amazing people one of whom became his wife, Bryn Lees (Alumnus of 2015-2018). Josh enjoys listening and making music, and connecting with people in his church and workplace. He hopes to serve God through being involved with NBC and his local church.

Julie Fehr

Vice President
Julie attended NBC from 2015-2019. She got married to Tim Fehr (also alumnus 2015-2019) in 2019 and moved to Nipawin. In Nipawin Julie has been enjoying getting connected and serving in Emmanuel Baptist Church and working at NBC as the Registrar since September 2019. As a student Julie served on the three60five committee for 3 years and loved it. She is excited to serve now on the Executive!

Jordan Lepine

Jordan attended NBC for 4 years from 2014-2018. After his time as a student Jordan moved to Regina where he has been working and attending Hillsdale Baptist Church. Jordan is a good communicator and enjoys using his gifts on the Alumni Executive.

Joshua Nickel

Joshua Nickel attended NBC 2008-2012. Currently he has been actively serving in ministry at the local Nipawin Alliance church as both the lead visuals coordinator (making sure there is someone to click to the next slide) and as a member of the board of elders (making sure that there is someone to see the slides... and to help provide Christian leadership). He has been seeking to put his schooling to use in everyday life activities as well as serving needs as he is called to meet them, including preaching and leading Bible studies as God leads.

Anne Giesbrecht

Anne was a student from 1980-1984 then worked as the secretary from 1986-1989. She and her husband attend the Nipawin Alliance Church where she enjoys being part of a small group. Although retired from work she doesn't want to be retired from serving her Heavenly Father in whatever she does. She looks forward to working with the committee.

Jason Elford

NBC Director of Admissions & Alumni Relations
Jason attended NBC for 3 years from 95/96 through to 97/98. He could never have guessed he'd join the staff some 13 years later. Jason joined NBC staff in fall 2011, and is currently the Director of Enrollment and Alumni Relations. Having served 4 years as Alumni Exec president from 2006-2010, Jason is no stranger to the Exec and has served as the NBC staff liaison since November 2011. He has a beautiful wife and 4 young daughters. Life is busy but good!