Many hands make the load light. NBC would love to see the ‘Many Hands’ program grow. We are setting a goal of $100,000 coming in annually through Many Hands - currently we’re just over $75,000.

Exodus 35 and 36 illustrate the amazing potential of many hands – the Israelites respond to a call to give towards the building of the tabernacle. Gold, silver, linens, labor, and more were given by each person according to their ability. In fact, they responded so incredibly that Moses was forced to ask them to stop giving. Wow – what a problem!

What Is "Many Hands” in the NBC Context?

“Many Hands” is a faithful team of supporters who partner with us by committing to regular monthly giving. That could look like $10/month, $200/month or anywhere in between depending on how God has enabled you and what He is calling you to do.

There are currently about 120 units (individuals, couples, or businesses) that are a part of Many Hands. Well over 3/4 of these are alumni. If NBC had 500 people giving $50 a month, our donations budget for an entire year would be met. Would you prayerfully consider joining with us to develop passionate followers of Jesus Christ with a heart to serve? Even $10 or $20 a month adds up for NBC, while making an almost unnoticeable impact in your monthly lifestyle.

NOTE: NBC also values and appreciates the many spontaneous gifts we receive over a year, which still make up the majority of our annual ‘general donations’ budget. We only wish to show how the consistency of monthly automatic withdrawals allows NBC a more stable and predictable yearly budget. Thank you for your gracious spontaneous giving!