Are you prayer warrior and want to know how you can pray for NBC, our current students or your fellow alumni? We value your prayers.  Here is a list of requests and praise items that have been shared recently.  These are updated every 3 months or as new updates are received. 

Do you need prayer or have an item of praise that you want others to share in?  Please email your praise and prayer requests to Include:

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  • Years you started attending at NBC
  • Prayer item
NBC Students

PRAISE for the 15 three & four year graduates and for those students who received their Foundations for Life Certificate (1 year) and Christian Ministries Diploma (2 year).
PRAY for the 2018/2019 Students as they are at home serving in various jobs and ministries. Pray that they would continue to learn to live lives that are unhindered by sin and worldly pursuits.
PRAY for wisdom about future plans - more education or jobs.
PRAY for the Freshmen Students of 2019/2020 as they prepare to arrive and learn. Pray for finances and other obstacles that might arise.
PRAY for NBC’s 7-24 Groups, that God would give wisdom to the leaders to lead their groups well, centred on the Word of God and prayer, with the outcomes being obedience, honesty, accountability, and replication. That God would use 7-24 as a means of growth in the lives of the students and a model for them in how they can make disciples as they leave.

NBC Staff & Faculty

PRAY for faculty as they grade papers, assignments and exams.
PRAY that they would continue to grow and be strengthened in their own walks with the Lord as they encourage and teach the students.
PRAY that the Faculty and Staff would have a fruitful summer as they prepare for the fall semester.
PRAY for the NBC Staff who will be serving at camps through the summer: Jennifer Enns (Torch Trail Bible Camp); Valerie Moulton (Stoney Lake Bible Camp); Hope Vion (Tisdale Day Camps); Noah Wahlstrom (Pine Ridge Bible Camp).
PRAY for wisdom for Brad Lytle (Dean of Men) as he works through leading the Student Life Department. Pray as he works with Jennifer Enns (Dean of Women) and a potential intern that he can structure the department for the most effective outcome for the kingdom.
PRAY for the NBC student life staff, that God would give them the words to say, the heart to care, the wisdom to know what’s right, and the courage to act on it. Pray that God would glorify His name in them and in the lives of the students they serve.

Irvin & Mari Penner ('93)

PRAY as they are planning to move to a small village called Cacalotepec in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Pray for all the details for the move - a moving date hasn’t been set yet.
PRAY for the transition from the school in La Huerta.

(Posted June 22, 2019)

Quintin & Beth Giesbrecht ('92)

For Beth as she awaits a few more surgeries after their car accident that happened in November 2016. She’s waiting for a metal plate to be removed that is causing pain. She is also waiting for a new knee and assessment on her other knee.

(Posted June 14, 2019)

Willy & Helen Fehr ('84)

PRAY for their daughter Melissa (33) who has been diagnosed this past month with a brain tumor. She is waiting for results and recovering from a surgery to have it removed. She is married and has 2 young girls.

(Posted June 14, 2019)

Brendan & Helena Peters (’10)

PRAY for patience, calm and focus as they prepare for a packed summer ahead.
PRAY for their Vacation Bible School August 12-16 that God would bring children to it and that He would soften their hearts for the Gospel.
PRAY for continued openings for them to connect with the non-church attenders.
PRAISE for the good school year for Liam.
PRAISE for the good turnouts and interest in church activities as well as the summer Bible reading challenge that Helena is leading.
(Posted June 14, 2019)

Nathan & Tasha Enns ('02)

PRAY for good turn out for the summer events: Gracia Burnham will be speaking at different events in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
PRAY for more missionary candidates as the numbers with Ethnos Canada have been low.
PRAY for Tasha’s pregnancy - going well but seems likely the baby will come earlier then expected.
PRAISE for how God has been supplying their needs - friends, house, financial support, ways to serve Him.
PRAISE for the good health for their family.
(Posted June 14, 2019)

Abe & Debbie Koop ('67)

PRAY for their time at CanIL (Canada Institute of Linguistics) in Langley which begins June 5. There are a number of young people taking classes this summer.
PRAY for their family time and travel as they spend time with their children and grandchildren in July and then to a family reunion.
PRAISE that the whole Bible will be coming to 3 different people groups in Peru this summer and fall!
PRAISE for their support financially and prayerfully.

(Posted June 14, 2019)

Allan Kreller ('01)

PRAY for the Board members to be sensitive to God’s directing in the hiring of a new Executive Director for the Frontier Lodge (camp) where Allan serves. Pray for good team unity and serving together well in the absence of that position being filled.
PRAY that he would make better connections (and more regularly) with those who support him (relationally, spiritually, financially, etc)
PRAY for his financial situation.
(Posted June 14, 2019)

Walter & Cindy (Sanders) Selke ('85)

PRAISE for God's grace as Walter & Cindy traveled to visit the missionaries from coast to coast across Canada over the past two years.
PRAY for upcoming leadership/board meetings in June and a General Staff conference in August- for wisdom and unity.
(Posted May 21, 2019)

Kevin & Krista (Smith '94) Rideout

PRAISE for the great time they have been having during their home assignment and for the connections they have made with family friends and partnering churches.
PRAY that the government formalities will be finalized so that a replacement engine can be sent from France to Niger for one of their planes.
PRAY for good relationships with the Niger Civil Aviation authorities and airport officials.
PRAY for the granting of an official operating authorization for SIMAIR to use planes in Niger.
PRAY for a reasonable rental agreement for the hangar land from the new company managing the airport.
PRAY for the final stage of the Cessna 210 plane project at Missionary Maintenance Service in Ohio.
(Posted May 28, 2019)

Destiny Sawatzky ('15)

PRAY as she prepares to serve in Kotido, Uganda with Africa Inland Mission for the next year starting Sept. 9. She will be homeschooling the three daughters (ages 3-7) of missionaries, Paul & Helen Shepherd.
PRAY for courage in unfamiliar situations and for love of the people.
PRAY for her finances - she needs to raise almost $17,000 by August.
PRAISE how God has been leading her to this point.
(Posted May 21, 2019)

Matthew & Ashley (Steppan) Thiessen ('01)

PRAY as they have a very busy summer of work ahead and trying to juggle that with having two active boys and another child on the way.
PRAISE God for his provision in the past and pray for continued provision in the future.
(Posted May 21, 2019)

Laura-Anne Drake ('07)

PRAY as she gears up for 2 weeks of Faith Mission Camp in Southern Ontario and 6 Weeks of VBS in Eastern Ontario.
(Posted May 21, 2019)

Terry & Rosie (Dyck) Banman (’88)

PRAISE for safe and healthy delivery of their new grandson (daughter Kara and Julian’s child).
PRAISE for the time spent in Canada with family and friends.
PRAY as they need to build 3 new duplexes in PNG for the new large missionary families serving with them. They will need to raise about $225,000CDN for materials and workers.
(Posted May 21, 2019)

Carl & Brenda Ens ('83)

PRAISE for the opportunity to share the true Easter story with the grade 2 children at Red Earth School. PRAY as they will be back on June 2 as well as from July 22-25 to share the Gospel with the kids of both Red Earth and Shoal Lake Reserves.
PRAY for the services and the current Bible study on the book of James that take place in Alysham. With the warmer weather, the numbers are increasing.
PRAY as they continue to minister to the Nicaraguan families who are moving to the area by helping them learn English and through gardening.
PRAY for their drama and camp ministry throughout the summer.
(Posted May 21, 2019)

Bill & Janice Dyck ('79)

PRAISE for a good visit with their children who visited them in Bolivia.
PRAISE for the progress of the ministries they are involved in Bolivia and that their language skills are improving.
PRAY for a team retreat June 1-8 in Guatemala and the Global Baptist Peace Conference July 15-20 that Bill will do a workshop at.
PRAY for safety as they have a lot of travel coming up.
PRAY for their home assignment plans in September-December and for their Visa renewal.
PRAY for co-worker Goretty as she is fighting cancer and for the health of Janice’s mom.
PRAY for their financial support.
(Posted May 2, 2019)

Laurel (Abrahamson '82) & Tim Schroder

PRAY for wisdom as they seek to visit with villagers who no longer come to church.
PRAY for the teachers and leaders in PNG that they would follow the Holy Spirit’s leading an work in the Lord’s strength.
PRAY for material needs for ministry: lesson books, Bibles, guitars.
PRAY for their Sunday school and ladies’ meetings, weekly morning devotion time that people would come out and they would have wisdom to lead.
PRAY for the literacy program that they would have leaders and materials to help adults learn to read their Bible.
(Posted April 26, 2019)

David & Nicole Guenther ('08)

PRAISE that Nicole’s pregnancy is going well and that their daughter Mary is healthy.
PRAISE for opportunities to continue learning and working on his Masters as he teaches.
PRAY for safety and a smooth transition for their family as they move back to Canada.
PRAY for rest as they feel very busy.
PRAY for the students who took par in a spiritual retreat that they would impact other students at Morrison (School in Taiwan).
(Posted April 26, 2019)

Tony & Janet (Klassen) Ens ('86)

PRAY for wisdom and patience for Brett in using his new levels of energy well and continued improvement in health.
PRAY for the BC youth group as they prepare for children’s ministry in Pelly Crossing, NWT in July and for a space to open up to run the ministry.
PRAISE for the growth in the lives of 2 ladies that Janet is leading in Bible Study.
PRAY for wisdom for Northern Collective Church’s (NCC) core team in developing a discipleship plan and in building relationships with the new people attending.
PRAY for staff that are looking for new jobs after the change in management for the Centre of Hope.
(Posted April 2, 2019)

Josiah & Anne Jisca Meyer ('03)

PRAISE for the opportunity to give their pastor a time of rest as Josiah pastored their church for 2 months.
PRAISE for the opportunities to open their home to Bible studies and parties where good times of connection, fun and fellowship happened.
PRAISE for the high attendance at the campus Bible studies where deep sharing and community have been happening.
PRAY for their monthly support. They are at 84%.
PRAY as their kids grow and they homeschool.
(Posted April 3, 2019)

Caylea Selke ('11)

PRAISE for the many connections made at Millar’s Missions Conference.
PRAY for the Healing Hearts Youth Leaders as they continue to teach and mentor.
PRAY for her as she mentors and works with a young lady and as they go through the books of Leviticus and Matthew.
PRAY for continued support. She is at 39%.
(Posted March 12, 2019)

Janelle (Kroeker '01) & Rhys Lewis

PRAISE for the arrival of a beautiful baby girl born in January.  Pray for them as they jump into parenthood with their first child.
(Updated Marc 12, 2019)

Andrea Fehr ('14)

PRAISE that she is joining the staff of Power to Change full time after the summer.
PRAY for her financial support as it is a scary and challenging prospect for her to raise her own funds. Pray that she will trust the Lord to provide and to help her in the process.
(Updated March 12, 2019)

Guillermo & Mary-Ann Reddekopp ('86)

PRAISE that Guillermo’s and the kids’ passports and Mexican birth certificates and MaryAnn’s Temporary Residence Visa came through.
PRAISE for Lavinia’s (daughter) step in baptism and that God is growing each member of the family in their walks with Him.
PRAISE that much of their financial support has been brought in.
PRAY that they would clearly hear God’s voice and obey as they rejoin Transformados in La Paz, Mexico.
(Posted March 12, 2019)