Are you prayer warrior and want to know how you can pray for NBC, our current students or your fellow alumni? We value your prayers.  Here is a list of requests and praise items that have been shared recently.  These are updated every 3 months or as new updates are received. 

Do you need prayer or have an item of praise that you want others to share in?  Please email your praise and prayer requests to Include:

  • Name (plus your maiden name while you were a student)
  • Spouse's name
  • Years you started attending at NBC
  • Prayer item
NBC Students and Staff

PRAY for the NBC students that they will grow deeper in their love for Jesus while they diligently study and serve others.
PRAY for the NBC Students as they serve in their Student Work roles on campus throughout the week, growing in maturity and servanthood.
PRAY for the NBC Mission Leadership Team and president, Lance Schubert as they bring leadership to the different departments at NBC.
PRAY for 7-24 Discipleship Groups that students and staff will be open and honest with God, themselves and others as they meet weekly to pray and dig into God’s Word together.
PRAY for NBC Faculty as they prepare for classes and meet with students to discuss assignments.
PRAY for continued wisdom and direction for the Board of Directors as they bring leadership to NBC.
PRAY for NBC’s Student Council that they would work well as a team to serve the student body.
PRAY for 4th year off-site internship students: Andrea Fehr, Joël Desharnais, and Janeil Mehrer as they work in ministries around the province, attend classes at NBC, and complete course work.
PRAY for 4th year Biblical Studies student, Jordan Lepine as he completes independent studies as well as module courses with other 4th year students.
PRAY for the Admissions Department (Jason Elford & Timothy Lenko) as they speak with potential students, challenging them to consider a Biblical education at NBC.
PRAY for the NBC Student Life Department as they meet with students on a regular basis, working on issues in their lives.
PRAY for NBC Student Ministry as students learn and grow as they minister each week in local ministries.
PRAY for the children of NBC Staff & Faculty that attend public school in Nipawin. That they would grow in their faith and stand for what they believe.
PRAY for the Adjunct Faculty that teach courses this semester—Calvin Nickel, Josiah Meyer, John Feakes and Wes Dobson.
PRAY for the NBC Alumni Executive as they meet throughout the year and seek to help alumni engage with what God is doing at the College.
PRAY for the finances of NBC that donors would rise up and give to both the General Fund and Capital Development Project (gym roof shingling).
PRAY for the Cantata choir, band, pianists, and drama participants as they prepare for the performances in December—that the Gospel will be heard and received well.
PRAY for the staff and their families that serve at Nipawin Bible College. As they seek to properly balance time at home with ministry at the college, and local church involvement.
PRAY for Noah Wahlstrom (Maintenance Manager) and Hope Vion (Assistant Cook) as they settle into their new roles at the college.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Timothy & Laura Block (’14)

PRAISE that the gospel was taught to many campers and staff every week of camp.
PRAISE that many kids accepted Christ as Savior and freedom was found in Christ.
PRAISE that our home has moved to the camp and our wood stove has been installed and is working!
PRAISE that the power, water, and septic has been set up for their house before winter.
PRAYER that those who accepted Christ and those who grew closer to God this summer would remain strong in their faith during this year.
PRAYER for continued growth of the seeds that were planted during camp.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Kirby & Bernie James (‘13)

Pray for Bernie while she raises support as she recently joined the NCEM mission and works in the Tribal Trails department.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Michael & Katrina (Howard) Rowland (‘07)

PRAY that everything will go smoothly as they expect their fourth child, due in early October.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Walter & Cindy Selke (‘85)

PRAY as they have been part of their daughter, Caylea’s cancer journey and have taken on the General Director role for NCEM.
PRAY for wisdom and perseverance as they look into the future for their family and ministry.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Laura Drake (‘07)

PRAY as she continues to support local churches in the Napanee, ON area—two kids clubs, a youth group, young adult Bible study/prayer time and monthly pastor’s breakfasts.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Bill & Janice Dyck (’79)

PRAY as they adjust to life and ministry in Bolivia with Canadian Baptist Ministries.
PRAY for continued health
PRAY for patience with language learning as times of frustration will surely come
PRAY for wisdom and strength in relation to growing challenge and responsibilities.
PRAY for family far away in Canada
PRAY for ongoing financial support
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Jordan & Danielle (Lees ‘07) Bergen

PRAISE God for the safe arrival of their daughter Annabelle in June.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Daniel & Erin (Leppington) Hertz (‘00)

PRAY as they parent their three children: Colby, Audrey, and Quinn.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Chris & Alex Neudorf (‘11)

PRAY as Alex awaits surgery to have a tumour removed from her ovary and to remove any endometrial lesions.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Greg Waddy (‘10)

PRAY for Greg and the Penhold Church of Hope as the kids and youth programs have started up this fall. Pray that seeds will be planted in the kids during the fun.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Michael & Sharlene McDonald (‘95)

PRAY as they praise God for providing all they needed to get started on their missionary and pastors school in Mexico. Pray that students will be equipped to serve Jesus well.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Ken & Dorothy (Wollf ‘86) Schmidt

PRAY as Dorothy goes for two knee surgeries while currently trying to recover from an extensive ankle/foot injury.
PRAY as they help Ken’s mom who has dementia and will be making a move that will be very difficult for her.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Irv & Mari Penner (’93)

PRAISE that their furlough process has brought them back to a place they need to be—not people centred but God focused when it comes to finding prayer and financial supporters.
PRAY as the projected date for moving back to Mexico is early 2018 (Jan or Feb).
PRAY as there are support needs that will have to be in place before they can return. As of beginning of August they were at 70% support and it needs to be closer to 100%.
PRAY as they seek the will of the Lord in these things.
(Posted October 10, 2017)


Brenden & Helena Peters (’10)

PRAISE for multiple opportunities of purposeful gospel sharing
PRAISE for many newcomers that are coming into the church
PRAY for the connections they have made that they would bear much fruit
PRAY for Bible studies and activities starting up at the church this fall—that there would be interest from people
PRAY that God would be working in the lives of families who have expressed interest in attending in the community of Boyle, AB
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Abe & Debbie Koop (‘67)

PRAY for direction as they serve with Wycliffe and anticipate a move out west from ON in 2019—location unknown.
PRAY as in October they will travel to Peru to introduce one of the new directors of Wycliffe to the leadership of ATEK in Cusco.
PRAY that as they stop over in Costa Rica to visit and encourage colleagues of theirs who are preparing to return to Africa to minister.
PRAY as they continue to work in the GTA, for direction and God’s favour in reaching out to churches and pastors in the GTA.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Josiah & Anne Jisca (Gaucher) Meyer (’03)

PRAY for God’s spirit to move in their ministry this year as they work on the University of Sherbrooke campus.
PRAY for an increase in financial support.
PRAY for family as they transition into a new school year and a new year of ministry.
PRAISE that after passing through some difficult seasons in the past (2014-15) they are feeling rejuvenated and hopeful as they look forward to what God has for them in this next year.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

Tim & Laurel (Abrahamson, ‘82) Schroder

PRAY as they head back to Papua New Guinea and for the first time leave all their children back in Canada. They return to PNG but to a different area (Hoskins, West New Britain) to fill a critical need in support ministries.
PRAY for Tim as over the past year he has struggled with some heart issues following a bout of pneumonia Sept. 2016.
PRAY for good renters for the home they purchased this year in Owen Sound, ON.
PRAY for Rylan & Alyssa’s needs as they go back to school.
PRAY for the Pukapuki church (where they thought they were going back to) that they will find their sufficiency in the Lord and continue towards maturity.
PRAY for Jesse as he’s working and living in Toronto. He really needs the Lord to do a work in his life.
PRAY as they head back to PNG and for the first time leaving all our kids back in Canada.
(Posted October 10, 2017)

NBC Tour Teams

PRAY for Jason Elford, Tim Lenko and Myra Schmidt as they select and lead the students that will be part of NBC's tour teams - Living Proof (drama), FaceDown (Worship), Access Team (Gymblast youth team).
PRAY that God would open the hearts of the students chosen to be on the teams to a lifestyle of prayer and considering others before themselves. 
PRAY that they will be good representatives of Christ as well as NBC to those they minister to.
(Posted August 29, 2017)

Jason & Anita (Brundage) Boucher (’95)

PRAY as they seek the right summer staff for Big River Bible Camp
PRAY for the spiritual warfare that is so strong against the camp and its staff as they prepare for the summer
(Posted August 24, 2017)

Doug & Sarah Gregory (’00)

PRAY as they seek God’s guidance for the future. If they remain in Watrous, SK, Doug will need additional income and if they are to move on other doors need to open.
(Posted August 24, 2017)

Alycia (Stephens ’97) & Danny DeLong

PRAY as they travel throughout Canada on their home assignment this summer.
(Posted August 24, 2017)

Laura Bresky (’96)

PRAY as she goes in for surgery on June 29 with the possibility of a second surgery depending upon results.
(Posted August 24, 2017)

Joël & Shelby (Luxmoore, ‘12) Desharnais (‘13)

PRAY as Joël prepares for his 4th year internship with NBC
PRAY as they find a place to live in Stonewall, MB—both expensive and not a lot available
PRAISE that Shelby’s parents are growing in their faith, taking a discipleship class, and dad is getting baptized in June.
(Posted August 24, 2017)

Wes & Carol (Wiebe) Schellenberg (’82)

PRAISE as they helped move Amy to Valleyview, AB where she began her career as a nurse this past January.
PRAISE that Amy has found work in a community with great Christian fellowship. The associate pastor’s wife of the church she is attending is the nurse doing Amy’s orientation and has introduced her to a great young adults group.
PRAY that God gives them wisdom as parents of adult children
PRAY that their work with InterAct Ministries would be instrumental in changed lives across western Canada.
(Posted August 24, 2017)

Steep Rock Bay Bible Camp

PRAYER for the campers and leaders that continue to work through the loss of the cabin leader who drowned this summer.
PRAY for NBC Alumni, that work at or are associated with the camp, including Ferlin & Elizabeth Abrahamson (’84) as Ferlin is on the Board of the camp.
PRAY that God will work through what has taken place at the camp this year, bringing people to a saving knowledge of Jesus.
PRAY for wisdom and unity among staff.
(Posted August 24, 2017)

J.J. Szeponski (’11)

PRAISE that he’s been able to move into his own apartment.
PRAISE that J.J.’s within $30/mo from being a full support!
PRAY that the goal of $30,000 support would be raised by the fall.
PRAY as this past year has been rough. Been to the hospital five times for students for drug/suicide reasons, one of which was arrested.
PRAY as the building project done at the Drop Zone put them behind financially and they won’t have the money to do some of the projects they were planning this year.
PRAY as they need more volunteers.
(Posted August 24, 2017)

Tony & Janet (Klassen) Ens (’86)

PRAY for the Holy Spirit’s work in the lives of unbelievers to draw them to faith in Jesus Christ and that believers would be strengthened in their faith.
PRAY for the Selkes and Lairds in their new roles in NCEM leadership.
PRAY that the Lord of the harvest to send more workers into His harvest field.
PRAY for Harrison and Kaitlyn Kwok who will be taking a church planter assess- ment with C2C in Montreal in late May. Harrison is the young man who contacted us in August with a vision for a church plant among the poor and marginalized in Whitehorse.
PRAY for Brett’s continued improvement to, and beyond, the ability to leave the house for church and visiting friends.
PRAY for the counseling course as it will be a heavy three weeks.
PRAY for our new responsibility developing and implementing member care.
(Posted August 24, 2017)