Are you prayer warrior and want to know how you can pray for NBC, our current students or your fellow alumni? We value your prayers.  Here is a list of requests and praise items that have been shared recently.  These are updated every 3 months or as new updates are received. 

Do you need prayer or have an item of praise that you want others to share in?  Please email your praise and prayer requests to Include:

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  • Spouse's name
  • Years you started attending at NBC
  • Prayer item
NBC Students

PRAY for the students that they finish this semester well.
PRAY for a restful Christmas break and that they would be bold in sharing what they have been learning with family and friends, especially those who don't know the Lord.
PRAY that they would not fall back into old habits while at home but stay grounded in God's word and prayer.
(Posted December 10, 2018)

NBC Staff & Faculty

PRAISE for the new additions to the staff team: Dr. Peter Barber (faculty), Jeremy Loseth (faculty) and Tim Stodolka (Admissions Counsellor)
PRAY for the faculty as they prepare their courses for the new year - for wisdom and clarity in what they will teach.
PRAY for all the staff who have new roles - pray for wisdom and the ability to learn quickly and well.
PRAY for a smooth beginning to the new semester.
(Posted August 22, 2018)

Peter & Diane (Gruchy) Salmond ('76)

PRAY for good family times and connection while they are on home assignment until January.
PRAY for the sewing school that it will continue on a path of self-sufficiency with the people of Ryabega holding positions of leadership and teaching.
PRAY for Peter and Diane as they settle into a new role as mentors to the staff at the school and research government requirements for the school.
PRAY for the health concerns that have come up as they get older.
PRAY that God would provide their needed monthly level of financial support.
(Posted December 10, 2018)

Tony & Janet (Klassen) Ens ('86)

PRAY for wisdom for Brett in using his new levels of energy well and that his pain would subside more.
PRAY for more people to join the Northern Collective Church core team.
PRAY for the NCEM candidates as they build prayer and financial support teams and begin their areas of ministry.
PRAY for growth in the life of the new believer who was baptized recently.
PRAY for Justin as he is having challenges with health and housing in Calgary.
PRAY that God would use the Pain of the Heart videos to draw people to salvation and healing.
(Posted December 10, 2018)

Andrea Fehr ('14)

PRAISE that the Power to Change training in Calgary went well and for all that she learned.
PRAISE for the opportunity to take part in a missions trip to a closed country in East Asia.
PRAY for her financial support to go on the trip.
(Updated December 10, 2018)

Wes & Carol (Wiebe) Schellenberg ('82)

Thank you for praying for Matthew. He and his 3 friends have rented a home and are doing well.
PRAY for Wes as he continues to learn the new accounting programs.
PRAISE for the great church that they have settled into.
PRAY for good time with family over Christmas.
PRAY for the leaders of Avant Ministries and Camino Global as they guide the process of two historic missions uniting for greater Kingdom impact.
(Posted  December 10, 2018)

Irvin & Mari Penner ('93)

PRAY for their Visa renewal and the funds needed for this by year’s end. They have about $1000.00 of the $3000.00 needed.
PRAY as they seek God’s plan for their family after graduation in July and whether they should stay in La Huerta or if He has somewhere else for them to go.
PRAY that their previous financial and prayer supporters will continue to support them through CTEN Ministries which needs to happen by the end of November. (Commission to Every Nation)
PRAY for Jaxon as he continues homeschooling - wisdom and discernment for Mari and Irv and patience for Jaxon.
PRAY for new prayer and financial supporters.
(Posted Nov. 28, 2018)

Abe & Debbie Koop ('67)

PRAISE for the great time visiting supporters in September and October and for those who hosted them and gave them a car to drive during their trip.
PRAISE for the great time at their family reunion in September being able to praise the Lord together.
PRAY for marriages that are going through rough times but PRAISE for those relationships that are being restored.
PRAY for Debbie’s home church as they morn the loss of their lead pastor.

(Posted Nov. 13, 2018)

Terry & Rosie (Dyck) Banman (’88)

PRAISE for the great time of fellowship and learning at annual central conference and the testimonies of what God is doing.
PRAISE God for the many people who are taking Bible classes and growing in their walks with the Lord in Sobega, PNG.
PRAISE God for the new classes that are needed because so many are wanting to hear the Gospel.
PRAY that God will bring many into his family and then for those to stand strong in their walks with the Lord.
PRAY for Terry as he teaches two men about the Gospel. Pray that they would not be distracted but be faithful in hearing so that they accept Christ.
PRAY for the new missionary families serving in PNG.
(Posted October 29, 2018)


Brendan & Helena Peters (’10)

PRAISE for the wonderful week of Vacation Bible School.
PRAISE for the support and generosity of others for their family.
PRAISE for people stepping up to fill roles at the church.
PRAY for a young family with four kids who suddenly lost their husband and father. They do not know God.
PRAY for Helena as she homeschools Liam
PRAY for good attendance for the Bible Studies happening this fall in the church.
PRAY for growth in friendships with people outside the church.
(Posted October 29, 2018)

Laurel (Abrahamson '82) & Tim Schroder
PRAISE that Laurel’s dad is alive and well after a downward turn in mid-September.
PRAY for the Pukapuki church as they continue to struggle in their walk with God.
PRAY for the APEC meetings that are being held in November in PNG.
PRAY that we will make good connections while on furlough.
PRAY for wisdom and direction as to where we should go after furlough.
(Posted October 29, 2018)
Bill & Janice Dyck ('79)
PRAY for confidence as their team leaders, Bruno and Kathleen Soucy, will be reassigned soon.
PRAY for the 6 pastoral support groups that are starting, that they would gel quickly and function well and for Bill as he prepares a retreat in November.
PRAY for Janice as she continues to teach music students.
PRAY for Goretty, the director of the foundation where Janice is teaching, as she battles cancer.
(Posted October 29, 2018)
Krista (Smith '94) & Kevin Rideout
PRAISE - for the time spent with family at reunions this summer and connecting with the SIM USA home office.
PRAY - for their year of home assignment, as they travel to connect with friends and supporters.
PRAY - for their 4 children as they adjust to being in North America and the opportunities they have here and homeschool.
(Posted Sept. 26, 2018)
Nathan & Tasha Enns ('02)

PRAY that they can find a family doctor.
PRAISE that Emanate is at full capacity with lots of new students planning to be foreign missionaries.
PRAISE for the unexpected gifts that came to help with unexpected bills for their van and that they could get it safetied in Ontario.
PRAISE for the good visits with guests during the summer
PRAISE for the good time of planning and fellowship at the yearly PR conference for Ethnos Canada.
(Posted Sept. 26, 2018)

Timothy & Laura Block ('14)

PRAISE that the Gospel was clearly presented ever week of camp this summer.
PRAISE God for the expected arrival of another member to their family in January. Pray for the energy and health of Laura and the baby.
PRAY for wisdom and for continued opportunities for the Gospel to be presented in the lives of this summer’s campers.
PRAY for the various programs, including Awana, that kids will listen and accept the Gospel message.
(Posted Sept. 26, 2018)