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  • Prayer item
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[accordion-item title=”Brenden & Helena Peters (’10)”]
PRAISE for God’s provision—materially, emotionally and spiritually. Boyle, AB is definitely becoming home to them.
PRAY for Brenden as he works on building a functioning leadership team, visits church families and community members, becoming actively involved with the Ministerial and helping with join services and events.
PRAY for Helena as she makes connections with community ladies and for the safe arrival of baby, coming soon.
PRAY for the Love & Respect Marriage study they will be doing at the church this spring—good attendance and personal growth.
PRAY for continued health for Brenden during the winter months.
(Posted January 18, 2017)
[accordion-item title=”Lois (Brehmer) & Allan Westwood (’76)”]
PRAY – for Lois and Allan as they deal with terminal health struggles – Lois with stomach cancer and Allan with ALS.  They face an uncertain future.  Lois was diagnosed last spring (2016).  Pray for their 4 children (late teens to 20’s) who are dealing with the reality of their parent’s mortality.  Their youngest is at University in Toronto and not doing well dealing with this from a distance.
PRAY – for Lois’ mom, now in her 80’s that she would give her heart to Christ.
PRAY -for Lois’ brother in Grande Prairie, AB as he also has terminal cancer, and is not currently living for the Lord.
(Posted January 18, 2017)
[accordion-item title=”Don & Melody Pouteaux (’15)”]
PRAISE for all the ways that God was faithful to Don & Melody and family throughout the ups and downs of this past year. A year at NBC, graduations, 2 weddings, an engagement and new relationship, the passing of Don’s mom in November and new jobs.
PRAY for Melody as she works at the Pilgrim Inn in Caronport, SK, Don farms and does projects on other people’s farms and Anita as she keeps busy on campus with sports, band, choir, acting and friends.
(Posted January 18, 2017)
[accordion-item title=”Ronald & Susan (Matthews) Robinson (’08)”]
PRAY as they serve with YWAM in Vanuatu,, in a village 20 minutes from the capital, Port Vila.
PRAY as Ronald continues helping with building projects
PRAY for the ministry there as they were able to finish off the year with an insightful and challenging debrief with all the staff, assessing and deciding what this next year has for them all.
PRAISE that over the holiday break they were able to get lots of sleep and are feeling rested enough to get back to work.
PRAY for the foot infections Ronald has been plagued with and the viruses that Susan seems to be contracting on a weekly basis.
(Posted January 18, 2017)
[accordion-item title=”Michael & Sharlene McDonald (’95)”]
PRAY for wisdom and discernment in leading and serving for the team and I.
PRAY for the congregation as we transition leaders- That God would keep them focused on Him, not on His servants.
PRAY for the McDonald family as we work through the transition as well- That God would be honored by our service at home, in church and at the training center.
PRAY for finances for the church—That God would provide the finances, the wisdom and discernment needed to be a God honoring impact in this city.
(Posted January 18, 2017)
[accordion-item title=”Hope Vion (’12)”]
PRAISE for safety as they have traveled throughout Canada and the US since September.
PRAISE when God has taken the ministry out of their hands and into his own. Working details of their presentations to fit perfectly what the churches or youth groups have been working through.
PRAISE that God knows where you are, he hasn’t forgotten you and He will continue to lead even when things seem vague.
(Posted January 18, 2017)
[accordion-item title=”Jason & Anita (Brundage) Boucher (’95)”]
PRAY – as NCEM has asked them to do more PR for the whole mission.
PRAY for Jason as he refs hockey in Big River and Anita as she leads a ladies Bible study
PRAISE that Big River Bible Camp’s new building is almost all complete and paid for.
PRAISE as Timothy & Laura Block have joined them as full time staff at the camp.
(Posted January 18, 2017)
[accordion-item title=”Irv & Mari Penner (’93)”]
PRAISE for all the support of prayer and financial support during all the ups and downs of ministry in Mexico.
PRAY for their financial support. That those who have been supporting them will continue to do so and there would be new supporters that God would lead to give.
PRAY as they are currently on furlough.
(Posted January 18, 2017)
[accordion-item title=”Kevin & Melissa Derksen (’04)”]
PRAY for Kevin as he regularly shares at Cafe Logos.
PRAY for health for their family during the busy Christmas season.
PRAY for Melissa for the days that Kevin is on the road.
PRAY for their time at the discipleship course they are attending Sunday evenings.
PRAY for continued financial support.
(Posted January 18, 2017)
[accordion-item title=”Guillermo & Mary Ann Reddekopp (’86)”]
PRAY as they are on home assignment and continue with SIM, reconnecting with churches and friends, sharing their story in several different settings.
PRAY as they wait to God’s direction as to where they will be serving next year.
PRAISE that the kids are doing well attending school in Airdrie, AB where God gave them a home.
PRAY for Guillermo and his family as his mother passed away December 22, 2016.
PRAISE that Guillermo and some family members were able to be there in Ontario in time to spend time with her before she went to be with the Lord.
(Posted January 18, 2017)
[accordion-item title=”Josiah & Anne Jisca Meyer (’03)”]
PRAISE that one of Josiah’s online Apologetics course students was able to lead his agnostic father to the Lord.
PRAISE that through meals and weekly Bible studies, they are contributing to the vitality of the campus Christian community, while also reaching out.
PRAISE that the Alpha type Bible study has started up after the meal.
PRAY for their participation in a local church plant.
PRAY for wisdom as time-management is a continual challenge in our diverse ministry.
PRAY for boldness and opportunities as they seek to share the love and salvation of Christ in Quebec.
(Posted January 18, 2017)
[accordion-item title=”Bill & Janice Dyck (’79)”]
PRAISE that they were able to exceed their 50% support level by the end of October. They are now full-time CBM global field staff.
PRAY as they will need to get 80% of their support raised before they go to the field.
PRAY as BIll experienced a mild heart attack in October and had two stints put in. In December he will face cardiac rehabilitation and cardiologist appointments.
PRAY as Bill’s father passed away unexpectedly on November 13.
PRAISE that they have 17 sponsoring churches and are in communication with at least 6 more.
PRAY as they trust God with all the logistics, health concerns and finances.
(Posted December 20, 2016)
[accordion-item title=”Abe & Debbie Koop (’67)”]
PRAISE the Lord for the opportunity to work with pastors and lay folk to pray for and intercede for the GTA.
PRAY as Debbie and Abe have been helping facilitate a lay-level missions course.
PRAY for Abe as he interacts with presidents of their field partners in Southern Peru who are translating the Old Testament and distributing and promoting the scriptures in their language.
PRAISE/PRAY as they are able to interact more with their kids and grand kids now that they are all on the same continent.
PRAY as they are reminded that there is a battle going on—a war for the hearts of all people. We need to live as children of light as the enemy is astute and it is easy to become complacent.
(Posted December 20, 2016)