Are you prayer warrior and want to know how you can pray for NBC, our current students or your fellow alumni? We value your prayers.  Here is a list of requests and praise items that have been shared recently.  These are updated every 3 months or as new updates are received. 

Do you need prayer or have an item of praise that you want others to share in?  Please email your praise and prayer requests to Include:

  • Name (plus your maiden name while you were a student)
  • Spouse's name
  • Years you started attending at NBC
  • Prayer item
NBC Students and Staff

PRAY for the NBC students that they will grow deeper in their love for Jesus while they diligently study and serve others.
PRAY for the NBC 2nd year students as they are in Vancouver for their Outreach Ministry Practicum - that they would share Christ with all they serve (January 21-31).  PRAY for safety in their travels.
PRAY for the NBC 1st year students as they serve on their Freshmen Ministry Practicums to Kinistin Reserve, Big River Reserve and with Healing Hearts in Regina.
PRAY for the NBC Students as they serve in their Student Work roles on campus throughout the week, growing in maturity and servanthood.
PRAY for the NBC Mission Leadership Team and president, Lance Schubert as they bring leadership to the different departments at NBC.
PRAY for 7-24 Discipleship Groups that students and staff will be open and honest with God, themselves and others as they meet weekly to pray and dig into God’s Word together.
PRAY for NBC Faculty as they prepare for classes, mark assignments and meet with students to discuss assignments.
PRAY for continued wisdom and direction for the Board of Directors as they bring leadership to NBC.
PRAY for NBC’s Student Council that they would work well as a team to serve the student body.
PRAY for 4th year off-site internship students: Andrea Fehr, Joël Desharnais, and Janeil Mehrer as they work in ministries around the province, attend classes at NBC, and complete course work.
PRAY for 4th year Biblical Studies student, Jordan Lepine as he completes independent studies as well as module courses with other 4th year students.
PRAY for the Admissions Department (Jason Elford & Timothy Lenko) as they speak with potential students, challenging them to consider a Biblical education at NBC.
PRAY for the NBC Student Life Department as they meet with students on a regular basis, working on issues in their lives.
PRAY for NBC Student Ministry as students learn and grow as they minister each week in local ministries.
PRAY for the children of NBC Staff & Faculty that attend public school in Nipawin. That they would grow in their faith and stand for what they believe.
PRAY for the NBC Alumni Executive as they meet throughout the year and seek to help alumni engage with what God is doing at the College.
PRAY for the finances of NBC that donors would rise up and give to both the General Fund and Capital Development Project (gym roof shingling).
PRAY for the staff and their families that serve at Nipawin Bible College. As they seek to properly balance time at home with ministry at the college, and local church involvement.
(Updated January 26, 2018)

Brendan & Helena Peters (’10)

PRAISE for new families attending the Chapel (in Boyle, AB where they serve with Village Missions)
PRAISE for growth in the lives of people.
PRAISE for growing interest in the programs they have held.
PRAY for continued strength for ministry.
PRAY for Helena, as she starts a personal Bible study with a woman from the Boyle Playgroup.
(Posted Feb. 5, 2018)

Lisa Barber (’82)

PRAY as Lisa makes the transition from International Teams where she served for 30 years to MSC Canada.
PRAY as she has many opportunities within this role to care and encourage mission workers, both in Canada and abroad.
PRAISE that many of her original financial supporters have made the switch with her.
PRAY as she seeks new donors as well.
(Posted Feb. 5, 2018)

Michael & Sharlene McDonald (‘95)

PRAY that the 12 students attending their missionary and pastor’s college would grow in the Lord.
PRAY for Calvary Chapel in La Paz (Mexico) that God will add those who are being saved.

(Posted January 26, 2018)

Laura Drake (‘07)

PRAY as she conducts two kids clubs, youth group, and a young adult group. For many it’s the only “church” they get.
(Posted  January 26, 2018)

Josiah & Anne Jisca (Gaucher) Meyer (’03)

PRAY for their ministries in Quebec and for God to fill in the gaps of their financial support.
(Posted January 26, 2018)

Tyler & Brianna (Fehr) Shore (‘05)

PRAY as they anticipate the arrival of their 4th child on February 22 and that the weather and roads will be clear for the trip to the hospital.
(Posted January 26, 2018)

Les & Kim (White ‘01) Adrian
PRAY as they begin taking foster children into their care. PRAY for wisdom, strength, and guidance along the way and that they would be a shining light. (Posted January 26, 2018)
Ken & Marion Graham (‘86)
PRAY for Ken and complete recovery from surgery for his leg and ankle following a bad fall in December. (Posted January 26, 2018)
Kirby & Bernie James (‘13)
PRAY as Bernie’s aunt has just had surgery to remove cancer in her mouth. She believes in God but pray that she would have a true relationship with Jesus. (Posted January 26, 2018)
Don & Melody Pouteaux (’15)
PRAY for them as Don’s father passed away on January 22 and they just lost his mom last year. PRAY for joy in the midst of loss and the lessons that God wants to teach them. (Posted January 26, 2018)
Kendall & Melisa Dyck (staff)
PRAY for them and their two teenagers, Dana and Brendan, as they look for a short-term family mission trip opportunity. (Posted January 26, 2018)
Adam & Susanna Yadlowsky (staff)
PRAY that God would give them wisdom to lead their family and as Adam leads Student Life - wisdom for testing and knowing God’s will and determining clear direction for the future. (Posted January 26, 2018)
Carl & Brenda (Dyck) Ens (’83)
PRAY as they serve with Healing Hearts Ministry. PRAY for the people they serve in Aylsham—for Bible studies, services and upcoming events. PRAY for the Christmas services, as in past years they have felt a spiritual heaviness at this time of year. PRAY for a man named John as they try to reach out to him after the lost of one of his friends. (Posted Dec. 19, 2017)
Tony & Janet (Klassen) Ens (’86)
PRAY for the field testing of the Stranger series, that it would also powerfully work in people’s hearts. PRAY for wisdom in ministering to people who are living with grief, often complicated by multiple losses. PRAY for Brett’s continue improvement. PRAY for our new NCEM responsibility coordinating member care. PRAY for Tony and those he works with (through part-time Salvation Army job) to address Yukon homelessness. PRAY for God’s work in people’s hearts as they hear in many ways the hope-filled message of Christ at Christmas. (Posted Dec. 19, 2017)
Irv & Mari Penner (’93)

PRAISE that God has led them back to Mexico (La Paz, Mexico) after a time of furlough to work with a team that was established about a year ago.
PRAY Our belongings to sell so we don't have to look for help storing anything
PRAY Our Equinox has lasted 10 years and we are not sure if it can take another long trip, please pray for a different vehicle for us to go back to Mexico with.
PRAISE God that He worked out all the timing of their visa applications and they have three visas in-hand for Mexico!
PRAISE God for them being able to get spiritual, mental, and physical goals accomplished while in Canada.
PRAY with them as they trust God for their finances.
PRAY with Irv & Mari for God to touch the hearts of ONLY those that can give in joy.
(Posted Dec. 19, 2017)

Peter & Diane (Gruchy) Salmond (’76)
PRAISE that God sent them a personal translator with the same vision for the ministry—husband and wife team, Julius & Evelyne and family. PRAY for and their monthly support level to increase. PRAY for our health, energy, safety, guidance, and wisdom. PRAY for our personal financial needs and Ashes to Worship (ATW) financial needs. (Posted Dec. 15, 2017)
Norm & Diane Janzen (’71)
PRAY - Norm has just joined the Board of Village Missions. Please pray for wisdom in serving with this team, and for God to work in great ways through VM’s ministry in churches across Canada. (Posted Dec. 15, 2017)
Kathy & John (Peters) Froese (’71)

PRAY - for John and Kathy as they serve volunteering at various camps in the area, the main one being Faith Mission near Falkland (Kevin & Janice Evans, other NBC alumni, manage that camp). God has also really gave them a heart for senior’s ministry and they serve regularly putting on Sunday morning services 1-2 times a month in various settings.
(Posted Dec. 15, 2017)

Caylea Selke (’11)

PRAISE to God for using the journey of cancer to bring glory to Himself and to use Caylea as His spokesperson.
PRAY that Caylea would have patience during the recovery of treatments and be content with where she is with the mindset of moving forward still.
(Posted Dec. 15, 2017)

Kristina Peters (’14)

PRAY that as Kristina just got a new job, that she would continue to make God the centre.
(Posted Dec. 15, 2017)

Hope Vion (’12)

PRAY that she would learn to be sensitive to where God is leading her. She doesn’t know what is next for her in life but wants to be where God is at work.
PRAY as she leads a missions team to Costa Rica this next May for a month.
PRAY for wisdom to lead this team well and that God would use the team for His glory.
(Posted Dec. 15, 2017)

Bill & Janice Dyck (’79)

PRAY for wisdom and focus as requests around Janice’s musical involvement could quickly become overwhelming.
PRAY as they can already see Bill being pulled in multiple directions that could all be full-time involvements.
PRAY for continued progress in language learning
PRAY for family as they leave children and parents behind in Canada, not not easily.
PRAY for increased financial support
(Posted Dec. 15, 2017)

Timothy & Laura Block (’14)

PRAISE that both Awana clubs are going well with lots of clubber participation.
PRAISE for great opportunities to meet and reconnect with friends and family in different churches during the last month.
PRAISE that all the utilities are hooked up in their house and for the provision of a new to them vehicle.
PRAY for continued favour, protection and success with Awana.
PRAY for wisdom in parenting their children in balance with ministry.
PRAY for safety on the many roads they seem to travel.
(Posted Dec. 15, 2017)