Are you prayer warrior and want to know how you can pray for NBC, our current students or your fellow alumni? We value your prayers.  Here is a list of requests and praise items that have been shared recently.  These are updated every 3 months or as new updates are received. 

Do you need prayer or have an item of praise that you want others to share in?  Please email your praise and prayer requests to Include:

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  • Prayer item
NBC Staff & Students


For wisdom in planning for the upcoming academic year. Pray for our country’s leaders as they will be making significant decisions which will affect our college.
For the student life program (especially Bradly Lytle) as he plans for the discipleship component of NBC.
For each of the instructors as they prepare many new courses, which will likely include some online delivery.
For continued solid financial support.
For further applications for enrolment in the fall.
For our graduates—may they move into areas of service, led by God in doing so.
For our returning students—may they find employment for the summer.


We are happy that we were able to hire four new staff members for important parts of NBC’s programs.
The percentage of returning students is encouraging.
For faithful supporters who allowed us to finish our 2019-2020 fiscal year in the black.
For a board of directors which is actively engaged in the ministry of Nipawin Bible College and prays for us regularly.
For those of you who pray for us—we see wonderful growth in our students which makes all of the work more than worthwhile!

(Posted May 25, 2020)

Carl & Brenda (Dyck) Ens ('83)

PRAISE that they will soon be able to meet together for church services in phase 3 (they are a small group)
PRAISE for the safe delivery of their 5th grandchild.
PRAY for their summer ministries of at camps and other ministries if things are able to go ahead.
PRAY for their Spanish ministry that Brenda is part of.
PRAY for their Nicaraguan Friends who have returned to Canada to work
(Posted May 25, 2020)

Bill & Janice Dyck ('79)

PRAY as they serve with Canadian Baptist Ministries in Bolivia which has strict quarantine regulations;
PRAY for denominational and seminary leadership as they face difficult staffing decisions and have limited resources;
PRAY for Bolivian pastors who rely on weekly offerings and other work to support them while they are in quarantine.
PRAY for the children and families: For food for those who have been relying on daily wages. Protection for those quarantined in abusive situations. Schooling as classes have been suspended and as online options only favor those who have that option.

(Posted May 25, 2020)

Terry & Rosanne (Dyck) Banman ('88)

PRAY as they prepare to leave PNG in June and say goodbye to friends and collegues;
PRAISE that the Wantakia people group are beginning Creation to Christ Bible lessons.
(Posted May 25, 2020)

Tim & Laura Block ('14)

PRAISE God that He is in control and working.
PRAY for the kids that would normally be attending AWANA but can’t at this time, that the truths they have heard will be brought to their minds and hearts in their weeks at home.
PRAY that camp will be able to run as normal by the summer.
PRAISE for a fifth child that is due to be born in September.

(Posted April 28, 2020)

Nathan & Natasha (Ginther) Enns ('02)

PRAISE that their son Kane has been understanding a lot more what is shared about God and has shown a very soft heart to God’s proddings. Pray for their children in their spiritual walks.
PRAY for good use of their time and adjustments to working from home for Nate.
PRAY for wisdom in knowing whether they can go forward with any plans later in the year.
PRAISE for good opportunities to connect with some new neighbors who have some church background. Pray for opportunities for God to use the Enns family in their lives.
(Posted April 28, 2020)

Nate & Tony (Klassen) Ens ('86)

PRAISE for affordable technology that can be used to provide ways of meeting.
PRAISE for their son, Brett’s continued good health. PRAY for daily strength.
PRAISE for another new supporter.
PRAY that the summer children’s ministry in Pelly Crossing will be able to happen this summer.
PRAY that many view the Northern Collective Church on-line services and Bible studies.
PRAY for 20 new NCEM missionaries in 2020.
PRAY that God would use His Word to transform lives through Establish 101 & other Bible ministries taught in Whitehorse.

(Posted April 28, 2020)

Tim & Charity (Chretien) Johnson ('03)

PRAY for them as they continue to minister and build into the people on the Adams Lake Indian Band Community (near Tappan, BC)
PRAY for their finances to grow as they raise support to continue working with NAIM. Pray that they would grow in their faith, trust and dependence on God as they seek partners in their financial support.

(Posted April 28, 2020)

Peter & Diane (Gruchy) Salmond ('76)

PRAISE for arriving safely back in Rwanda and for the 9 month sabbatical to deal with health issues due to burnout. Pray as they continue to work through this.
PRAISE for their financial supporters and those that have sponsored children over the years - the children have received their school supplies and their tuition has been paid for the first term.
PRAY that they could continue to be an encouragement to those who have been part of the sewing school ministry in the past. God has been good and is working in those they have helped train.
PRAY as Peter continues to preach occasionally in churches.
PRAY for wisdom as they sell their property in Rwanda.

(Posted April 28, 2020)

Gordon & Carole Sawatzky '71

PRAY for John Dunyi, leading the Suri (Kacip-Balesi) NT translation team in Ethiopia as they work on Mark and John. Pray as he parents his daughter Carole on his own since his wife’s death in Nov.
PRAY for wisdom as they navigate Caronavirus issues in a culture with minimal personal space and struggles with poverty, hygiene and basic health care.
PRAY for ongoing preparations for training seminars, leadership coaching, intensive classes and numerous opportunities to walk life with young leaders.
PRAISE for wonderful opportunities to walk life with a number of young leaders.
PRAISE for the opportunity to see John Dunyi in February.
PRAISE for overall good health and for internet to connect with their family.
(Posted April 28, 2020)

J.J. Szeponski ('11)

PRAY for ways to continually connect with the youth that attend DropZone through social media and other video conferencing forms.
PRAY for his family back home who are dealing with some health concerns.
PRAY for those who don’t have a safe home right now - that God would intervene in some way to keep the members safe.

(Posted April 28, 2020)

Wes & Carol (Wiebe) Schellenberg ('82)

PRAISE for a clean audit for Avant Ministries Canada.
PRAISE for what God is doing through the 500+ Avant missionaries in over 50 countries. Praise for the new couple that just started work in Vietnam.
PRAISE that their son Matthew was able to get a new job.
PRAY for their daughter Amy who is a nurse in Grande Prairie.
PRAY that Wes and Carol’s trust in Jesus and their love for Him would continue to grow.

(Posted April 28, 2020)

Abe & Debbie Koop ('67)

PRAISE for the time spent in Vancouver with their daughter, Ellen, in December and time spent with the Koop family in January, celebrating milestones (a brother’s 80th birthday).
PRAISE that Abe’s Canadian Citizenship was approved and became an official citizen in February.
PRAY as they anticipate retiring from missions work at the end of 2020 and make preparations to do so.
PRAY as hey will be traveling throughout Canada and the US in March and April.
(Posted March 9, 2020)

James & Karina (Gradin) Witherow ('05)

PRAY as James settles into his new role as lead pastor in Meadow Lake, SK. Praise for all the help they had as they moved and how God worked in selling their Nipawin home.
PRAY as they travel with their church team to Mexico April 9-18 with Envision Canada. Pray for the booking of flights and for the Fiesta Fundraiser to raise money for the trip (being held on March 15). Pray that the team will resist the enemy’s attacks on the team and their families.

(Posted March 9, 2020)

Colin & Miranda Miekle ('00)

PRAY for Miranda’s on-going health issues and for wisdom and revelation for them and their doctors to find out what her condition is.
PRAISE for the many friends who came alongside their family during Miranda’s hospital stay in February.
PRAISE for the opportunity Miranda had to share the Gospel and minister to the lady who shared her hospital room who had very little family or visitors.
PRAISE that they were able to find a daycare for their youngest son.
PRAY that they would be able to balance home/ministry/rest needs.
(Posted March 9, 2020)

Guillermo & Mary Ann Reddekopp ('86)

PRAISE for God’s faithfulness to provide for all their needs as they settled into their ministry with the Transformados Team in La Paz, Mexico.
PRAISE that God is teaching them much about His goodness, faithfulness and love.
PRAY for continued focus on God and that they will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in everything they do.
PRAY that they would be faithful as they learn to hear God’s words and see His heart for the world.
PRAY for their team as they look to the future of Transformados and for the Thiessen family as they moved back to Canada.
(Posted March 9, 2020)

Brenden & Helena Peters ('10)

PRAISE for those who have been coming to the events and programs that their family and the church have been putting on.
PRAY that they would be diligent in discipling their children as much as those in the community.
PRAY for wisdom and direction for our upcoming church AGM.
PRAY for their financial support. They are blessed by those who generously support them in prayer and funds.

(Posted March 9, 2020)

Andrea Fehr ('14)

PRAISE for how God is working on the UofS campus through the Power2Change ministry.
PRAY for the discipleship group she leads as the people in her group continue to learn and grow in their faith and seek to share it with others.
PRAY that God will bring a deeper desire and knowledge of Himself to the students.
PRAY that those students dealing with questions, pain and confusion would seek God for the answers, and would have Christian friends to walk with them.
(Updated March 9, 2020)