Are you prayer warrior and want to know how you can pray for NBC, our current students or your fellow alumni? We value your prayers.  Here is a list of requests and praise items that have been shared recently.  These are updated every 3 months or as new updates are received. 

Do you need prayer or have an item of praise that you want others to share in?  Please email your praise and prayer requests to Include:

  • Name (plus your maiden name while you were a student)
  • Spouse's name
  • Years you started attending at NBC
  • Prayer item
NBC Staff & Students

PRAISE that we could finish the college year with in-person classes!

PRAISE for the growth that took place in each student this year.

PRAISE for the 10 graduates: 7 third year grads and 3 fourth year grads.  Pray for wisdom and direction in their future ministries.

PRAY for the students as they are home for the summer:

  • that they would be committed and consistent in their personal growth with the Lord, continuing in the growth that they made this past year.
  • for jobs and ministries
  • for strong and deliberate connections with their local churches in order to grow, serve and help others grow.
  • for wisdom for fall plans and returning for another year of Bible college.
  • that they would be lights for Christ to their families, their friends and communities.

PRAY for wisdom and discernment for Dr. John Loge, the leadership team and board of directors as they continue to make plans for the fall especially with the continued uncertainties of COVID restrictions.

PRAY for the staff that they would have restful and productive summers as they take holidays and prepare for the fall.

PRAY for the new 4plex construction - for finances, for building plans and for wisdom and safety for those working on the building.

PRAY for wisdom as we look for several new staff members for the fall.

(Posted April 19, 2021)

Darwin & Shania (Pearson) Harder ('15)

PRAY for their finances as they prepare for joining as missionaries with NCEM.
PRAISE that they have found housing in Buffalo Narrows.
PRAY that they would be able to balance their NCEM training over the next 3 weeks as well as pack and move into their new place by June 1.

(Posted May 5, 2021)

Walter & Cindy (Sanders) Selke (‘85)

PRAISE for the 10 new missionaries being trained for service with NCEM.

PRAY for God’s leading as they step down from leading Healing Hearts Ministries and focus on NCEM. Pray for wisdom for future leadership of Healing Hearts Ministries.

(Posted May 5, 2021)

Tony & Janet (Klassen) Ens ('86)

PRAY for them as they prepare for their workshops at the NCEM Candidate Orientation and Training.
PRAY for the work of the Holy Spirit among the inmates at WCC to reveal the trusth of their need to trust in Christ.
PRAY for wisdom regarding possible children’s ministry in Pelly this summer.
PRAY for their son Brett as he prepares for Bible College at Millar and for direction in future ministry/missions. Praise that he has a guaranteed part time job during the summers he’s at college.

(Posted May 5, 2021)

Sharmyn Abrahamson ('15)

PRAISE for sunshine. Pray that she will live in the hope that the Son gives.
PRAISE for the Bible study she and her roommate lead with a group of high school girls. Pray for creativity in meeting with them.
PRAY for eyes to see people that need encouragement.
PRAY for a continued thankful heart.

(Posted May 5, 2021)

Gordon & Carole Sawatzky ('71)

PRAY for their son Dunyi: his on-going health needs; his grandmother just past away; for his daughter Wulio and wisdom in raising her as a single parent; the significant extended family issues that he needs wisdom for; wisdom as he leads his team of translators who are struggling in their personal lives and growth.
PRAISE for the 2 week break they had in February.
PRAISE for the opportunities to continue their mentoring/coaching relationships.
PRAY for peace and comfort as they have decided to cancel their home assignment until May 2022 once restrictions and cases of COVID have settled.

(Posted May 5, 2021)

Nate & Tasha Enns

PRAY for the Dem people who have been hearing the Gospel for the first time in their heart-language this spring. Mid April, they will hear the culmination of weeks of Bible teaching - Jesus’ sacrifice on their behalf!

PRAY for wisdom as they seek to use time well.

PRAISE that God’s work is still happening — in their lives and around the world!

PRAISE that God has supplied for all their needs.

PRAISE for their kids’ tender hearts who want to grow in the Lord and are open to instruction.

PRAISE for the opportunity to serve the Lord. He doesn’t need us!

Posted April 19, 2021

Terry & Rosie Banmann

PRAISE for their new granddaughter born in March.

PRAISE for the ways that Terry has been able to stay connected with churches and Bible Colleges in his role as an Ethnos Missions Rep. both in person and virtually.

PRAY for Bible College students as they decide how to get involved in serving the Lord.

PRAY that Ethnos360, a college level missions course, will be able to take place in the US in June. Pray that many college-aged students will want to attend this course.

Posted April 19, 2021

Michael & Kristina (Lamontagne) Wilton

PRAISE God that the doors of the Drop-in are open again!

PRAISE God that Michael has finished his MSc. Thesis and that the defense and revision process went well.

PRAY that strong connections be built through the girls programs starting in April.

PRAY for Michael and the upcoming seeding season.

PRAY for wisdom in decision making, rain, safety, and time management.

PRAY for Michael and his family with the sudden passing of his grandma.

Posted April 19, 2021

Wes & Carol Schellenberg ('82)

PRAISE that the year end receipts got out on time as this was a concern for Carol.
PRAY for Wes as he is preparing the annual financial audit for Avant.
PRAY as they are missing their children and being able to travel with the Manitoba restrictions.

(Posted March 18, 2021)

Noah Wahlstrom ('14)

PRAISE that his flight training is complete and he passed his exams.
PRAISE for those who have helped him in his preparations to serve with NCEM’s aviation department.
PRAISE for the progress on the new dining hall at Pine Ridge Bible Camp.
PRAY for opportunities to connect with people to share about the ministry God is leading him into.
PRAYER for balance in his time between expanding his support team, camp, and aviation.

(Posted March 18, 2021)

Laurel (Abrahamson '82) & Tim Schroder

PRAY as they care for Laurel’s aunt Alma in Tisdale after the death of her husband earlier this year.
PRAY for the transition as Tim and Laurel leave Tisdale and a young lady, Janny, and home care step in to continue caring for Alma.
PRAY that they will be able to visit family in Manitoba for Easter

Posted March 18, 2021

Bill & Janice Dyck ('79)

PRAY for Bolivia as they are having a second wave of COVID infections. Pray for prudence, safety, medical help, recovery, healing and God’s peace for those who have lost loved ones.
PRAY for denomination and seminary leadership as they seek to carry on routines while promoting safety and caring for those affected by COVID. Pray for the challenges of doing ministry virtually.
PRAY for pastors in Bolivia, for their finances, family, health, perseverance in ministry, creativity and for mental health.
PRAY for the fair and quick distribution of vaccines in Bolivia.
PRAY for Janice and Bill for health, safe travels and adjustment for working from Canada, that they could get their vaccines and get back to Bolivia.

Posted March 18, 2021