Are you prayer warrior and want to know how you can pray for NBC, our current students or your fellow alumni? We value your prayers.  Here is a list of requests and praise items that have been shared recently.  These are updated every 3 months or as new updates are received. 

Do you need prayer or have an item of praise that you want others to share in?  Please email your praise and prayer requests to Include:

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  • Years you started attending at NBC
  • Prayer item
NBC Students

PRAISE for the new school year coming, the new freshmen students.
PRAY for the students as they begin the new college year.  Pray that they would be diligent in their studies of God's word, grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord, and be willing to let the Lord work in their lives no matter the cost.
(Posted August 22, 2018)

NBC Staff & Faculty

PRAISE for the new additions to the staff team: Dr. Peter Barber (faculty), Jeremy Loseth (faculty) and Tim Stodolka (Admissions Counsellor)
PRAY for the faculty as they prepare their courses for the new year - for wisdom and clarity in what they will teach.
PRAY for all the staff who have new roles - pray for wisdom and the ability to learn quickly and well.
PRAY for a smooth beginning to the new semester.
(Posted August 22, 2018)

Krista (Smith '94) & Kevin Rideout
PRAISE - for the time spent with family at reunions this summer and connecting with the SIM USA home office.
PRAY - for their year of home assignment, as they travel to connect with friends and supporters.
PRAY - for their 4 children as they adjust to being in North America and the opportunities they have here and homeschool.
(Posted Sept. 26, 2018)
Terry & Rosie (Dyck) Banman (’88)
PRAISE God for the many people who are taking Bible classes and growing in their walks with the Lord in Sobega, PNG.
PRAISE God for the new classes that are needed because so many are wanting to hear the Gospel.
PRAY that God will bring many into his family and then for those to stand strong in their walks with the Lord.
PRAY for Terry as he teaches two men about the Gospel. Pray that they would not be distracted but be faithful in hearing so that they accept Christ.
(Posted September 26, 2018)


Nathan & Tasha Enns ('02)

PRAY that they can find a family doctor.
PRAISE that Emanate is at full capacity with lots of new students planning to be foreign missionaries.
PRAISE for the unexpected gifts that came to help with unexpected bills for their van and that they could get it safetied in Ontario.
PRAISE for the good visits with guests during the summer
PRAISE for the good time of planning and fellowship at the yearly PR conference for Ethnos Canada.
(Posted Sept. 26, 2018)

Timothy & Laura Block ('14)

PRAISE that the Gospel was clearly presented ever week of camp this summer.
PRAISE God for the expected arrival of another member to their family in January. Pray for the energy and health of Laura and the baby.
PRAY for wisdom and for continued opportunities for the Gospel to be presented in the lives of this summer’s campers.
PRAY for the various programs, including Awana, that kids will listen and accept the Gospel message.
(Posted Sept. 26, 2018)

Carl & Brenda (Dyck) Ens (’83)
PRAISE - for the blessing of a team from West End Community Church to help them renovate the church in Aylsham
PRAYER - for their local ministry to Nicaraguan’s around Aylsham.  There is a lot of unrest and civil issues in that country right now including hundreds missing and possible government brutality.  This local community around Aylsham is quite concerned for family and friends back home.
PRAYER - for their ministry at camps this summer and fall.
(Posted Aug 22, 2018)
Peter & Diane (Gruchy) Salmond (’76)
PRAISE for 5 more students since February that have joined the other 28 sewing students who have worked in the Production Ministry to earn their own sewing machines. PRAISE for the opportunity to share about Christ in the classroom.
PRAY for a spiritual and physical refreshing for us over the 7 months we are in Canada. Most of our meetings will be August - November 2018.
PRAY for Julius and Evelyne who have been with us with Ashes to Worship since 2017 in Rwanda. They are teaching discipleship classes, watching the store and doing overall duties while we are in Canada until 2019.
PRAY for our 35 sponsored children attending 4 schools in the area.
PRAY as they need more space and there is a property nearby that would provide what is needed.
PRAY that the remaining 30 students in the sewing class will graduate in November.
(Posted Aug 22, 2018)
Brendan & Helena Peters (’10)
PRAY for strength and wisdom regarding homeschooling Liam for Kindergarten.
PRAISE for huge growth in the church in Boyle, AB where we serve with Village Missions! Our Sunday School classes have doubled in size.
PRAISE for many opportunities to meet with and get to know families in Boyle.
PRAISE for many visits with friends and family.
PRAY for Brenden to know where he can best serve in the community, this season.
PRAY for Helena, as she learns the ropes of leading worship.
(Posted August 22, 2018)
Joe & Trudy Miller ('96)
PRAY as they seek wisdom in training their boys in God’s Word.  Especially they need grace and wisdom and strength for dealing with Robbie and his aggressive behavior.
PRAY that God would also be first in their marriage.
(Posted Aug 22, 2018)
Stella Neff ('99)
PRAY as Manfred passed away in June 2018.  He and Stella had been serving in Grand Rapids at a little gospel church there for years.  Pray for Stella as she begins this new chapter of life.  Pray for the church, and for unsaved children of the Neffs.

(Posted March 6, 2018)

JJ Szeponski ('11)
PRAY - as he seeks to raise his support over the coming months by about 25%
PRAY - that he would be an encouragement and blessing to the man who has mentored him
PRAY - that his life would reflect “Not my will Lord, no, but yours be done” in everything.  In the easy, in the joyful, in the challenging, in his internal inconsistencies and that the desires in his heart would be replaced by God’s desires in his heart
(Posted August 22, 2018)
Tony & Janet (Klassen) Ens ('86)
PRAY - for the Lord to direct individuals from the Briercrest team that visitied recently into ministry, whether fulltime or bi-vocationally, especially in the north.  PRAY- for the church plant as we seek to develop a core group and find our own place to meet.  PRAY - our travels and responsibilities at the NCEM conferences.
PRAY - Walter and Cindy as they provide leadership to NCEM and Healing Hearts Ministries.
PRAY - for Brett’s continued improvement and that our trips will not set him back in his progress as he stays home.
PRAY - the finishing up of assignments for the counseling course we’ve been taking. Our goal is September.
PRAY - salvation of the inmates who went through the Stranger on the Road to Emmaus Bible study this winter
(Posted Aug 22, 2018)
Bill & Janice Dyck ('79)
PRAISE - for a great first year! Answered prayer regarding health, support, language learning, getting off to a good start with colleagues and national leaders, getting started in ministries, well-being of family in Canada… God is good!
PRAY - for Bill as he begins teaching at the seminary (July 7th and 14th) and as he facilitates the forming and leading of pastoral support groups on a national level and in the strategic cities of: La Paz, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, and Oruro.
PRAY - for Janice as she settles in to teaching her music students and all that entails—language, patience, creativity…
(Posted August 22, 2018)
Laurel (Abrahamson '82) & Tim Schroder
PRAY - as they serve in a new role as Government Representatives there in Port Moseby, PNG, through to September in place of a couple who’s gone on home assignment.
PRAY - for where God will lead in the coming fall
PRAY - for the Pukapuki believers that they would stay true to following Christ and running the race well, standing against distractions that tempt to sway them
(Posted August 22, 2018)
Wes & Carol (Wiebe) Schellenberg ('82)
PRAISE - for clear direction from God.  They have no doubts God is leading them to Winnipeg to join Avant.
PRAY - that the transition will be smooth for InterAct (whom they were formally with).  Wes is training a replacement but there will be broader tasks others will need to pick up as well.
PRAY - they can sell their house in Calgary and get one in Winnipeg.
PRAY - they will not become anxious of details with all the decisions to be made.
PRAY - for their son who would like to stay in Calgary but does not have a job and there are other details that need to fall in place as well.
PRAY - for continued peace as they say goodbye to so many friends and look to build new friendships in Winnipeg.
(Posted  August 22, 2018)
Bill & Bev (Zacharias) McCaskill ('86)
PRAY - for the Lord's leading of One Hope Canada as we work towards the National Board’s new 10 year vision to intentionally equip present and next generation leaders to be Gospel-centred, and to aggressively pursue new ministry strategies that recognize cultural and geographical realities.
PRAY -  for unity amongst the entire Ministry Resource Centre whose mandate is to direct, encourage & equip the front-line (all of our ministries) to fulfill the purpose of One Hope Canada.
PRAISE -  God for the awareness, openness & eagerness of like minded Canadian ministry organizations pursuing partnerships together to better reach Canada for Christ.  It’s a new day in Canada!  Canada is a mission field.
PRAY -  for wisdom to know how best to engage supporters and find new supporters who would be willing to join this mission in prayer & financial support.
(Posted August 22, 2018)