Are you prayer warrior and want to know how you can pray for NBC, our current students or your fellow alumni? We value your prayers.  Here is a list of requests and praise items that have been shared recently.  These are updated every 3 months or as new updates are received. 

Do you need prayer or have an item of praise that you want others to share in?  Please email your praise and prayer requests to Include:

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  • Prayer item
NBC Staff & Students


For wisdom in planning for the upcoming academic year. Pray for our country’s leaders as they will be making significant decisions which will affect our college.
For the student life program (especially Bradly Lytle) as he plans for the discipleship component of NBC.
For each of the instructors as they prepare many new courses, which will likely include some online delivery.
For continued solid financial support.
For further applications for enrolment in the fall.
For our graduates—may they move into areas of service, led by God in doing so.
For our returning students—may they find employment for the summer.


We are happy that we were able to hire four new staff members for important parts of NBC’s programs.
The percentage of returning students is encouraging.
For faithful supporters who allowed us to finish our 2019-2020 fiscal year in the black.
For a board of directors which is actively engaged in the ministry of Nipawin Bible College and prays for us regularly.
For those of you who pray for us—we see wonderful growth in our students which makes all of the work more than worthwhile!

(Posted May 25, 2020)

Wes & Carol (Wiebe) Schellenberg ('82)

PRAY as they support Avant donors and missionaries through administration.
PRAY for health and wisdom as they approach the flu and cold season are on the rise - the coming months are the busiest time of the year for the office.
PRAISE for the time spent with their children during the summer.

(Posted September 29, 2020)

Carl & Brenda (Dyck) Ens ('83)

PRAISE for the opportunity to lead a VBS in Ashern, Manitoba. Pray that the seeds that were sown would grow into strong lives lived for the Lord.
PRAISE for the new believers and baptisms that they had the opportunity to witness.
PRAY for Carl as he leads Bible lessons at Awana and that seeds will fall on good soil and grow.
PRAY that they will not become weary in well doing.

(Posted September 29, 2020)

Walter & Cindy (Sanders) Selke ('85)

PRAISE the Lord for new missionaries joining our team to serve in First Nations ministry in spite of COVID
PRAY for wisdom as they reschedule events and programs that were canceled since March - and try to resume their travel for NCEM & Healing Hearts Ministries

(Posted September 29, 2020)

Abe & Debbie Koop ('67)

PRAY as they plan on retiring in December 2020 as missionaries with Wycliffe.
PRAY that many God would raise up another generation of “passionate for God’s Word in every language” young people to continue to reach the 2000 language groups who still need to hear the Good News.
PRAISE for those who have supported them over the years in prayer and finances.
PRAY as they plan to travel to meet with family, friends and supporters this fall.

(Posted September 21, 2020)

Nathan & Natasha (Ginther) Enns ('02)

PRAY for Tash and the kids as they get back into the flow of regular schooling again.
PRAY for strength, endurance, comfort and healing for the various co-workers and their families who are suffering physically right now.
PRAISE for the new brothers and sisters we have among people groups in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea and for their continued growth.
PRAY for their interactions with their neighbour, Donald.

(Posted September 21, 2020)

Tim & Heidi Schellenberg ('02)

PRAY - for direction for them as he graduates with Master’s Degree in Counselling (through Providence’s Calgary campus) at the end of December. Not sure if they will stay in Three Hills, or go somewhere else God directs them.
PRAY - for wisdom in parenting. Pray for their family continuing to transition out of full-time paid ministry (pastoring), and whatever transition God might be leading them toward once Tim is finished his degree.

(Posted September 21, 2020)

Timothy & Charity (Chretien) Johnson ('03)

PRAY for them as they continue to minister and build into the people on the Adams Lake Indian Band Community (near Tappan, BC)
PRAY for their finances to grow as they raise support to continue working with NAIM. Pray that they would grow in their faith, trust and dependence on God as they seek partners in their financial support.
PRAY for flexibility, community, unity, peace, love.
PRAY for the youth and families they minister to that the the kids would truly come to know who God is.
PRAY for support from the elders to support them and their efforts.

(Posted September 21, 2020)

Jason & Anita (Brundage) Boucher ('95)

PRAISE for God’s protection and provision even in a different kind of summer.
PRAISE for a change of normal and a more relaxing summer and for good health.
PRAISE for Malachi choosing to get baptized.
PRAY for wisdom, discernment, to love well, and for opportunities to share the gospel and for direction on what to do this fall/winter with so many changes.
PRAY for their children to seek God first and to find satisfaction in Him.
PRAY that they can have camp next summer.

(Posted September 21, 2020)

Sharmyn Abrahamson ('15)

PRAISE for safety in driving to Durham, ON by herself to begin her training with Ethnos Canada
PRAISE that she and her roommate, Cassidy, get along well.
PRAISE for the work that God is doing around the world.
PRAY for focus in training and that she wouldn’t be so caught up in the adventure that she misses the lessons she is to learn.
PRAY for a heart that is humble and willing to learn for the sake of the gospel.

(Posted September 21, 2020)

Bill & Janice Dyck ('79)

PRAY for prudence, safety, medical help, and recovery for the people they minister to that have contracted COVID.
PRAY for denominational and seminary leadership as they seek to carry on routines while promoting safety and caring for those affected by Covid-19.
PRAY for the Bolivian pastors - finances, family, health, perseverance in ministry as it might be without financial support, their ministries and creativity, and for mental health.
PRAY for political stability in Bolivia as quarantines have postponed elections and caused financial hardship, resulting in protests and blockades. Elections are planned for October 18th.
PRAY as they plan to return to Canada Aug. 18 for health, safe travels and adjustment to working from home in Canada.

(Posted July 20, 2020)

Darwin & Shania (Pearson) Harder ('15)

PRAISE for all the ways God has provided for them so far.
PRAISE for good health and safety.
PRAY as they continue to figure out the details of their ministry - that God would direct their steps.
PRAY that they would continue to grow in trusting God and serving Him faithfully.

(Posted August 20, 2020)

Tony & Janet (Klassen) Ens ('86)

PRAY for a smooth transition of their church services (NCC) to the Salvation Army facility this fall.
PRAY for NCEM missionary encouragement as regional conferences were canceled and many are in very isolated areas in northern Canada.
PRAY for retired missionaries in care homes that cannot be visited as usual due to COVID.
PRAY for the new people who have come out to NCC for services that they would continue to come.
PRAY for Chris & Angela (son and daughter-in-law - married in July) as they adjust to married life.

(Posted August 20, 2020)

Colin & Miranda Meikle ('00)

PRAY that God would continue to move in people’s hearts to go to the mission fields despite the challenging times.
PRAY that Miranda especially would have the energy she needs for each task before her.
PRAY that God would bless and guide them in preparing future missionaries even in this challenging time.
PRAY as they renovate their basement after it flooded due to heavy rains and prepare it to have missionary guests stay there.

(Posted August 20, 2020)

Noah Wahlstrom ('14)

PRAY that he would work on the things God would have him do and how to proceed with his training that is left for both his flying and NCEM training.
PRAISE for the progress and people helping build on the new dining hall at Pine Ridge Bible Camp. Pray for the finances and to finish the project by winter and for safety throughout the construction.

(Posted July 21, 2020)

Laurel (Abrahamson '82) & Tim Schroder

PRAY that the Lord would pave the way for new missionaries and those returning to join and rejoin the work in PNG.
PRAY for Tony and Esther, Bible teachers in the Pukapuki church as they are able to attend a leadership workshop in July. Pray for their travel and that they would be encouraged, equipped and refreshed to continue their ministry.
PRAY as their home assignment has been pushed until Spring 2021.
PRAISE that the earthquake that hit PNG July 16 didn’t cause any significant damage and no local tsunami.

(Updated July 21, 2020)

Terry & Rosanne (Dyck) Banman ('88)

PRAISE for the teaching that is happening in several villages and how the people are responding to the message.
PRAY for Willis and Kena and other Christians and missionaries who are receiving death threats from the people in the Valley of Wusuraambya. They are working to translate the Bible into the local language and are growing weary and exhausted from the threats.
PRAISE for the new believers because of the teaching Terry and Pikuri had done in 2 different villages. Praise for the opportunity for the villages to join together to learn and praise God together.
PRAISE as they arrived back in Canada safely. Pray for wisdom and discernment for their future ministry.
(Posted July 21, 2020)

Gordon & Carole Sawatzky '71

PRAY for wisdom as they navigate COVID-19 challenges and long-term implications.
PRAY for John Dunyi as he leads the team translating the NT into the Suri language.
Pray for Carole’s ongoing renewal journey.
Pray for Alicia who took 4 intensive MA level courses in June and now has a heavy assignment load.
PRAISE for the capacity to engage in depth with a growing number of young leaders across Africa.
PRAISE for the progress on their house construction.
PRAISE for good health and opportunities for further training and ability to communicate online.
(Posted July 21, 2020)

Peter & Diane (Gruchy) Salmond ('76)

PRAY as they have resigned from their position as leaders of the Ashes to Worship Ministry in Rwanda. Health concerns have played a part in the decision.
PRAY for the sale of their house in Rwanda.
PRAY for clarity of where they are to settle in Canada and for a job. Pray that they will transition well.
PRAY for their finances due to the cost of traveling home and as they transition out of support through YWAM.
PRAY for good times of reconnection with their family

(Posted July 21, 2020)

David & Nicole Guenther ('08)

PRAISE that Taiwan hasn’t been affected as much as other countries due to COVID.
PRAISE for the extended time they could spend with David’s parents who have been stranded in Taiwan since February when they came to visit. Pray for their future ministry as many plans are being changed.
PRAY that as their daughter Mary begins pre-school in the fall that it will be a good experience and an opportunity for Nicole to witness to other moms.
PRAY for wisdom and time management for David in his roles, seeking to further His kingdom in Taiwan.

(Posted July 21, 2020)