Are you prayer warrior and want to know how you can pray for NBC, our current students or your fellow alumni? We value your prayers.  Here is a list of requests and praise items that have been shared recently.  These are updated every 3 months or as new updates are received. 

Do you need prayer or have an item of praise that you want others to share in?  Please email your praise and prayer requests to Include:

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  • Prayer item
NBC Staff & Students


For wisdom in planning for the upcoming academic year. Pray for our country’s leaders as they will be making significant decisions which will affect our college.
For the student life program (especially Bradly Lytle) as he plans for the discipleship component of NBC.
For each of the instructors as they prepare many new courses, which will likely include some online delivery.
For continued solid financial support.
For further applications for enrolment in the fall.
For our graduates—may they move into areas of service, led by God in doing so.
For our returning students—may they find employment for the summer.


We are happy that we were able to hire four new staff members for important parts of NBC’s programs.
The percentage of returning students is encouraging.
For faithful supporters who allowed us to finish our 2019-2020 fiscal year in the black.
For a board of directors which is actively engaged in the ministry of Nipawin Bible College and prays for us regularly.
For those of you who pray for us—we see wonderful growth in our students which makes all of the work more than worthwhile!

(Posted May 25, 2020)

David & Nicole Guenther ('08)

PRAY for wisdom in parenting Mary and James.
PRAY that God would guide them as they seek to provide the necessary accommodations for James due to health issues (an excessive curve of the spine).
PRAY for Nicole as she leads a weekly Bible Study, meets with other ladies and tutors two elementary students - Pray for the right words to say to their many questions.
PRAY for David as he teaches and mentors students that he would impact students for Christ.

(Posted January 4, 2021)

Joel & Barb (Buhler) Goertzen ('96)

PRAY - Barb’s brother Isaac passed away in December 2020 after a battle with cancer. Isaac was 51. Isaac chose to live life to the fullest. He loved this quote by Chuck Swindoll, “Your life is not over, keep enjoying it! Live like you want to Live!” These words are what Isaac lived by to his very last breath. Prayer for his wife Melissa - they were married 5 years ago.

(Posted Jan 4, 2021)

Quintin & Beth Giesbrecht ('92)

PRAY - Beth is still waiting for a second knee replacement. Also waiting for the hardware in her arm to be removed, as it is causing her some pain.

PRAY - their son Zac has slipped back into addictive behaviors, and is very depressed. We are quite concerned about him. We are trying to encourage him to go back to adult and teen challenge.

(Posted January 4, 2021)

Ferlin & Elizabeth (Lescheid) Abrahamson ('84)

PRAY - for God’s wisdom in leading Steeprock Bay Bible Camp as Ferlin serves as Board Chariman.
PRAY - for unity in the church in this time

(Posted January 4, 2021)

Isaiah Stetski ('19)

PRAY - for wisdom to know what the Lord's true will is and how I should be a part of what He's building. I don't know whether to only continue with my pilot training or to seek out a mechanic apprenticeship and do that as I fly on the side.

(Posted January 4, 2021)

Denise (Young) & Darryl Rice ('00)

PRAY - that they can still figure out creative ways to interact with the youth even if it’s virtually.

Posted January 4, 2021

Ted Siddons ('16)

PRAY - as he works in a secular setting (the local Co-op) and that the Holy Spirit would help him to share the hope of the Gospel with his co-workers
PRAY - that God would continue to help him make his faith his own as he lives life post-Bible College
PRAY - for the two youth groups that he is currently a helper at and the other co-leading.

Posted January 4, 2021

Becky-Jo Brown ('19)

PRAY - she is doing an 8 week internship at Camp Homewood on Quadra Island (just off of Vancouver Island). Pray that she could be brave in going and be a blessing at camp; that she would be sensitive to God working in and through her and others. Also that the team at camp would be able to work well together and ultimately glorify God in this time.

Posted January 4, 2021

Brooklyn Diamond ('19)

PRAY - for diligence in remembering to compare everything she’s learning at U or R (elementary education) with the Bible so that she keeps her opinions Biblical.

Posted January 4, 2021

Ed & Lorna Funk ('72)

PRAY for healing in Ed’s eye. He significantly injured his retina which has stretched very thin by getting a piece of wood in the centre of his eye when working on a project in the summer. The doctors are unable to do anything medically and have said they can only hope for a miracle.

Posted Dec. 21, 2020

Takoda Peters ('19)

PRAISE that God is good, and has been helping him to work through this difficult time. of COVID
PRAY that during the busyness at work, so it has been difficult to keep the frame of mind to be a good example and to share the Gospel. He’s still working on it though, and has talked to some of his coworkers at this point. He’s hoping that he can expand on the words they’ve have shared.

Posted Dec. 21, 2020

Terry & Rosie (Dyck) Banman ('88)

PRAY for the missionaries and their families who are trying to get back to PNG after leaving during COVID. Pray for their paper work, negative COVID tests and open flights (Australia has limited the amount flights that can be made).
PRAY for Rosie and Terry as they walk alongside people struggling with many different situations. Pray for the right scripture and words to share in each situation.
PRAY for Willis, Alek and Josek (local missionaries in a remote PNG village) as they continue to teach the word of God at another village but are persecuted in harsh ways by another clan.
PRAY for boldness for those who are devoted to ministry to proclaim God’s grace for the provision of His son to save the world.

Posted Dec. 21, 2020

Irvin & Mari Penner ('93)

PRAY - for the growth of their home Bible study
PRAY - for prayer and financial supporters
PRAYER - for overall health and wellbeing
PRAY - for the relationships they are building in the community to strengthen

Posted Dec. 21, 2020

Daniel & Erin Hertz ('00)

PRAY - that we will be able to point our children ever more to the truth of the Bible, especially in this chapter of life where things are different because of Covid.

Posted Dec. 21, 2020

Bill & Janice Dyck ('79)

PRAY as they seek to balance ministry in Bolivia via Zoom, increased contact with CBM office and local expectations, and obligations around family and friends in Canada.
PRAY for Bolivian pastors as churches begin to meet together even as they expect a 2nd wave of COVID-19.
PRAY for women and children who are at greater risk of abuse from husbands if they are quarantined.
PRAY for a peaceful transition of power in the country.
PRAY that they will get back to Bolivia soon.

Posted Dec. 15, 2020

Jennifer Enns ('10)

PRAY for the Torch Trail Bible Camp staff - Devin & Jessica Dyck and herself.
PRAY that she would daily seek the Lord in prayer and be refreshed by His Word.
PRAY for much joy and wisdom in her day to day work.
PRAY that should would take opportunities to share the love of Christ with people in the area.
PRAY for clarity of mind and heart.

Posted Dec. 15, 2020

Tony & Janet (Klassen) Ens ('86)

PRAY for the new NCEM candidates as they face challenges in raising support amid COVID-19 restrictions.
PRAY for those who come out to Whitehorse Correctional Centre chapels, to see and respond to their need for Christ.
PRAY for the approval of more Christian group meetings at the Correctional Centre.
PRAY for continued wisdom in doing ministry and outreach as COVID cases increase.
PRAY for their son Justin in Calgary as he is struggling with a back injury.
RPAY for their preparations for NCEM candidate training planned for May 2021.

Posted Dec. 15, 2020

Gordon & Carole Sawatzky ('71)

PRAISE that Gordon’s step-brother and wife, Steve and Mary, have begun recovering from their bout of COVID-19.
PRAY as they have lost 4 neighbors in the past 2 months due to COVID-19.
PRAY for their South Sudanese son, John Dunyi, as he continues to battle health issues. Pray for healing in his lungs and strength in his body. Pray that the needed personal oxygen system will make it through customs with little hassle. Pray for wisdom as they figure out financial concerns.
PRAY for wisdom for Gord as he and a colleague plan a leadership training workshop in Kenya where the COVID cases are very high.

(Posted Dec. 15, 2020)

Abe & Debbie Koop ('67)

PRAISE for the ways they can be in communication with family and friends during this time.
PRAISE for great landlords who are also friends.
PRAISE for the people God is raising up to step into the roles that they held with ATEK, AIDIA and Wycliffe.
PRAISE for the way God provided for 40 years of serving with Wycliffe through their supporters.
PRAY for fellow new missionaries, Eric and Gesela, as they begin serving in a closed access country and continue to raise funds.

Posted Dec. 15, 2020

Laurel (Abrahamson '82) & Tim Schroder

PRAISE that they made it back to Canada and are in their 2 week quarantine until the 24th. God quickly intervened in several areas and they were able to get through immigration and customs in Vancouver with little problems.
PRAISE for the church and their aunt and uncle who took care of stocking their home for their 2 week quarantine.
PRAY for their aunt and uncle and health care workers as they decide the next steps.

Posted December 15, 2020

Stephanie (Harder '15) & Jayden Rushoway

PRAY for health issues.
PRAY as they parent their 18 month old son Rowen.
PRAY for a job for Jayden as he was laid off in spring and is still finding it hard to find any work due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Posted Dec. 15, 2020

Sharmyn Abrahamson ('15)

PRAISE for the Ethnos and Emanate staff as they encourage and challenge her.
PRAISE for opportunities to connect with people at church though going for coffee, singing on a worship team and joining the C&C Bible study.
PRAY for eyes to see the different opportunities to be a blessing and encouragement to those around her.
PRAY for diligence to wrestle through learning and growing in Christ.

(Posted Dec. 2, 2020)

Carl & Brenda (Dyck) Ens ('83)

PRAY for Y & B, 2 new people who have started to attend the Aylsham church and who are seeking.
PRAY as they continue phone church with 2 older ladies who are unable to attend church during this time.
PRAISE that they have been able to continue Awana clubs during this time. Pray for wisdom as they have to modify to accommodate the COVID guidelines and that they can continue to meet over Christmas.

(Posted Dec. 2, 2020)

Brenden & Helena Peters ('10)

PRAISE for the connections they could make with their church and community despite social-distancing.
PRAISE for the arrival of their daughter Rayah Joelle.
PRAY for wisdom as Brenden meets with a Christian couple to work through spiritual differences.
PRAY for the Leadership Team at the Chapel as they decide how to move forward with church functions and ministries.
PRAY for their boys as they get used to a new routine with school and activities with their sister.

(Posted Nov. 3, 2020)

Guillermo & Mary Ann Reddekopp ('86)

PRAY for continued health and safety especially since they believe they had minor COVID-19 symptoms but had complete recovery.
PRAISE for the new believers Tomas, Silverio and Fernando. Pray as they share their faith with their families.
PRAISE for the new friendships with both Mexicans and missionaries (SIM). Pray for those who don’t know the Lord yet.
PRAY for the unity of churches and that they would reflect Christ’s love and peace.
PRAY for Mary-Ann and the kids as Spanish lessons continue
PRAISE for a great start to a homeschool year.
(Posted Nov. 3, 2020)

Tim & Laura Block ('14)

PRAISE for the different forms of ministry that were able to happen this summer.
PRAISE for the work projects that were accomplished at camp this summer.
PRAISE for the safe arrival of their son Elijah
PRAISE that forms of Awana are able to start.
PRAY for the many kids and teens who were not able to come to camp this summer and rely on camp for spiritual help and encouragement.
PRAY for the successful operating of both the in-person and online versions of Awana and God’s protection over these ministries.
PRAY for God’s help in creating/editing NCEM’s Northern Lights newsletter as well as the Minute Man, NCEM project fundraiser.

(Updated Nov. 3, 2020)

Michael & Kristina (Lamontagne) Wilton ('12)

PRAY for wisdom as they make decisions about programming with YFC The Back Door program.
PRAY for their upcoming fundraising banquet (Nov. 6)
PRAISE for the young male volunteers who have stepped up to help lead.

(Posted Nov. 3, 2020)

Darwin & Shania (Pearson) Harder ('15)

PRAISE for clear direction regarding their ministry with NCEM - moving to Buffalo Narrows to help with a Bible teaching program called Establish as well as a local camp.
PRAISE for healthy and rowing children, Kaira & Dominika
PRAY that they would be able to find a suitable home in Buffalo Narrows.
PRAY for their financial need
PRAY that they will make good use of the next few months to serve in Nipawin and prepare well for their ministry in Buffalo Narrows.

(Posted Nov 3, 2020)