Dear friends of NBC,

We are grateful to God for his faithfulness and his provision for the ministry of the College. For the past 82 years, through flood and favour our Heavenly Father has stirred the hearts of the people of God to make sure that when September comes around each year classrooms are ready, courses are in place, and teachers are prepared to spend another year holding forth the Word of God, inspiring students to know and live the word of God and develop passionate followers of Jesus with a heart to serve.

Our campus is situated on the banks of the beautiful Saskatchewan River where students can take a walk to the “point” and be inspired and blessed by God’s amazing handiwork in creation.

As wonderful as these inspiring sights are, there are others that need some attention. If you are a homeowner, you know that your house constantly needs repair and sometimes items need to be replaced. It is wise to keep on top of these things before a small problem becomes a very large one. The roof on our Education Center has kept the rain out for over 30 years but it is in serious need of replacing (see picture). We have repaired it many times to get by. At the same time we have repaired the roof of the Rempel Auditorium. It also needs to be replaced.

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At our board meeting in June, we were advised to replace both of these roofs with shingles and we estimate the cost to do this to be $75,000. We also need improved staff housing on campus. The board approved the construction of a new home on campus. It was suggested that we would require $225,000 to build a 1250 square foot home. This will also free up space to accommodate married students in our 4-plex.

If you do the math, you will see we need to raise $300,000 to get this done.  If 300 people each gave a gift of $1000, this would meet the need.

Getting these projects completed is important to the ongoing work of the College. We believe we are in days when it is imperative for men and women to be trained in the Scriptures, to be actively serving the risen Christ in Canada and beyond. It seems that there is a disregard for Biblical morality in our society and the church we serve must have people who live out the gospel. That is why NBC is committed to developing passionate disciples, men and women who take seriously that they belong to Christ, that they live the life Christ called them to and they go out from our campus with a basin and towel to serve their world in the attitude of Jesus.

Our goal is to have these funds in place by this coming Graduation (April 23, 2017) so we can begin the work immediately. I invite you to ask the Lord Jesus if and how you could participate with us in this venture and I thank you in advance for responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and contributing to these projects.

If you would like to know more about these projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Kendall Dyck or myself at 306-862-5095 ( or

God bless you as you passionately follow Jesus,

Wes Dobson


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