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NBC’s annual Christmas Cantata is on December 12, 2015, 7:00 p.m. in Rempel Auditorium.  This is a family friendly presentation of music and drama.

Myra Schmidt, NBC’s Music Director and overall artistic director for the cantata, is excited about the preparation process and things are shaping up to be a fantastic night of music and drama.  This year’s Cantata follows a young shepherd who was taught the prophecies of the Messiah but is tired of waiting on God’s timing for the Saviour to come.

The drama was written by Tim Lenko and portrayed by NBC’s drama team “Living Proof” with a few extra actors from the college and the community of Nipawin.

The music is presented by a choir of NBC staff & students as well as Nipawin community members. An NBC worship band, including flute players Lindsay Elford and Janeil Mehrer, violinist Janique Harder and trumpet player Joshua Lees will accompany the choir.  The Cantata is a collection of songs by artists like Sherrie Easter, Nichole Nordeman, and Robert Sterling.

Everyone is warmly invited to attend and everyone is encouraged to stay for Christmas baking and fellowship after the performance.  An offering will be taken during the performance.

We look forward to celebrating Christ’s birth with you during NBC’s Christmas program.

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