Hi Students,

Due to current government and health regulations, we are required to close the office until further notice.  Myra will be available to respond to phone calls at the college number (1.888.862.5095) or email (info@nipawin.org or myra@nipawin.org) should you have any questions regarding your assignments.  However the library and bookstore will be unavailable and the faculty and other staff will be working from home.  If you have specific questions regarding your course work, please contact your instructors directly by email or their phone numbers.

Please continue to work diligently on your assignments and to hand in your course work on time.  And please continue to pray for this time that God would do a work for His kingdom and glory through this situation.

(Posted March 25, 2020)

Previous Updates

March 24, 2020 Update

Good afternoon NBC students! That was sure a whirlwind of a final three days, wasn't it?

I wanted to thank you for all you did to make the push to finish everything so quickly a success. Monday morning you altered course with good attitudes and Monday morning to Tuesday afternoon you studied hard in class and in the dorms/your homes. Wednesday saw many of you write final exams (who would have thought on Sunday night that you would be doing that?) and Thursday were hugs and good-byes.

Special thanks to the second-years who decorated and made the "banquet" a successful meal (even though most of the staff had to do "take-out"). It was delicious!

To all the grads: thank you for understanding regarding the abrupt ending of the year and the postponement of a graduation ceremony. Yes, the word "postponement" was used intentionally. It is my goal to make it possible for you to be able to publicly walk the stage with next year's class of graduates. It would be great to see you again and have your families and friends celebrate together as an NBC family.

To all of you: may you use the next several months to build the Kingdom of God wherever you are. God has put you exactly where He wants you to be for such a time as this.

Hope to see many of you in the fall, Dr. Loge
2 Peter 3:18

March 18, 2020 Update

Good morning everyone! Today we are writing final exams and preparing to honor our graduates. All school functions are being compressed and carried out to the best of our abilities. Spirits on campus are good, students are responding very well to the changes, and the staff has been supportive during these challenging times. The office will remain open daily as usual, but students will be packing up and going home tomorrow. Please pray for safety on the roads. Blessings, John


March 17, 2020 Update

Dear friends, thank you for praying for us as we transition to an early completion of our school year. Today is the last day of classes and tomorrow several final exams will be written. We need to make many decisions on the fly. Pray for wisdom. Our God knew this was coming and has good people in place in various departments at the college to lead us through this time. Also please pray for our students as they go home early, finish some assignments, and look for work--in March! Thank you for standing with us. John Loge


March 16, 2020 Update

While our students are encouraged to have good hygiene practices, we are not panicking or living in fear, we recognize that there is a lot of anxiety in the world surrounding the novel corona virus. We are going to take rather drastic measures to respond to the cultural and medical realities. We will deliver two days of classes March 16 and 17, write final exams on March 18 of those courses which will be finished by then, and send the students home on March 19. As more information becomes available regarding our schedules, we will post them here.

Dr. John Loge,
President, NBC