Hello Freshmen,

Your registration is fairly straight forward.  There are two types of courses that you are required to take in order to complete your Foundations for Life Certificate in your first year: Core courses and Elective courses.

NOTE: Before registering for your courses, you must be accepted as a student at Nipawin Bible College.  Click here to apply.

Core Courses

Core courses are standard courses that are required for your program.  Typically you will take all the core courses required for this semester and so all you have to do is check all of the core course boxes.  If you are planning to modify your program for any reason or have any questions, please contact the Registrar, Angela Hutchison, before registering (306.862.5095).

Elective Courses

Elective courses are extra courses that change from year to year on specific topics.  For this semester, you are not required to take any electives.  However you are welcome to do so but just be aware that taking extra courses means a heavier academic schedule and workload. We recommend that you only take one elective if you choose to take an elective. You can either take courses for credit or audit:

Electives for Credit

You can take electives for credit which will require you to do the homework and reading associated with the course.  These credits can then be applied in future semesters to help lighten your course load if you wish.

Electives for Audit

When you audit a course, you are required to attend all classes for the course however you do not have to do any of the course work.  But you will not receive any credits for the course and will need to take another elective course in a future semester as required by your program.

Registering for Electives

If you are planning on taking an elective course, check the appropriate box for either audit or credit.  If you are planning on taking piano lessons, please note that these are for credit only.  If you are not planning on taking an elective, simply check the box ""

If you are taking an elective for audit, a question will pop up asking if you wish to purchase the textbook.  This is so that we know how many textbooks to order.  You are not required to get the textbook.

How to Register:
  1. Fill in your contact information.
  2. Select your core courses by checking the appropriate boxes - look at the lists below to determine what courses are required for your respective program.
  3. Select any electives you would like to take - note that there are options for either credit or audit.
  4. If you are planning on auditing a course, indicate whether you will purchase the textbook.
  5. Total up your credit hours.
  6. Total up your audit hours.
  7. Click "Submit."

Freshmen Fall Registration