Hello Upperclassmen

Core Courses

Registration should be fairly straight forward.  Pick the core classes that are required for your program as indicated behind each course name.

Please contact Angela Hutchison, Registrar, before registering (306.862.5095) if you need to modify your program for any reason such as to make up missed or failed courses or if you have questions about what you need specifically.

Elective Courses

If you are planning on taking an elective course, check the appropriate box for either audit or credit.  If you are planning on taking piano lessons, please note that these are for credit only.  If you are not planning on taking an elective, simply check the box ""

If you are taking an elective for audit, a question will pop up asking if you wish to purchase the textbook.  This is so that we know how many textbooks to order.  You are not required to get the textbook.

How to Register:
  1. Fill in your contact information.
  2. Select your core courses by checking the appropriate boxes - look at the lists below to determine what courses are required for your respective program.
  3. If you need to register for any freshmen courses, select "yes" and then check the appropriate box(es) for any course(s) you will be taking.
  4. Select any electives you would like to take - note that there are options for either credit or audit.
  5. If you are planning on auditing a course, indicate whether you will purchase the textbook.
  6. Total up your credit hours.
  7. Total up your audit hours.
  8. Click "Submit."

Upperclass Fall Registration