Dessert Theatre RETURNS

Through ALL Things

This year’s drama, performed by NBC’s drama team Living Proof under the direction of Kaleb Geddert and Doug Harkness is “Through All Things.” In this play, we see four friends struggle and learn to trust God through hard times.

Living Proof

The drama will be performed by NBC's drama ministry team "Living Proof."  Under the direction of Kaleb Geddert and Doug Harkness the team of 4 students will transport you through the Biblical narrative.

So far this school year, the students have performed at NBC's Christmas Cantata ("O Night Divine"), as well as at several churches and youth groups in Saskatchewan.  This semester they will perform at Hudson Bay Pine Ridge (January 20), Spalding (January 27), Prince Albert Alliance (February 3), Indian Life Alliance Church (February 12), Grace Mennonite Church (March 5), and Nipawin Alliance Church (March 19).  After classes are complete, the team will go on a 2 week tour to perform in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  If you would like to have this team, or any of NBC's ministry teams, minister and work with your church or youth group, please contact Jordan Lepine at the college.

Contact Info

For more information or if you have questions, contact NBC and talk to one of the Dessert Theatre Coordinators:

Myra SchmidtMichael Rowland
Dessert Theatre CoordinatorDessert Theatre Coordinator

We look forward to seeing you there