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Arrival Time

Friday, September 22
Registration - 4:00 p.m. - In the gym
Supper - 6:00

Many of us have grown up to think technology, education and popularity bring life. Especially since technology and school is all we know. But true life is not found in technology, ultimate hope is not found in education, and lasting joy is not found in popularity. Life is found in Jesus Christ. He brings life, hope and joy.

Speaker: Todd Goudy

Todd Goudy has been serving at Emmanuel Baptist Church in his home town of Melfort for the last 10 years. He and his wife Tannis have been married for 22 years and together are enjoying the adventure of life with God and their 6 children.
Todd grew up in a home with parents who followed Jesus, and though he wanted to live the same kind of life that he read of in the bible, it eluded him in his younger years. His love of sport and a life of pleasure seemed to choke out the Words he wanted to believe. At the age of 19 it was like God opened his heart with faith when he let go of the world to embrace the offer of new life with Jesus, and has enjoyed serving Him ever since.  

Todd’s greatest passion is to see others come to know Jesus and the joy of a new life with God. He has been a church planter in Albania, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan while providing for his family during many of those years through working with his hands in construction.

Today, Todd’s focus is to see young men and women find their spot in God’s kingdom and he encourages older men and women to focus their retirement years on helping today’s youth see the kingdom of God fulfilled in their lives.

He is full of faith and excitement that we will see much more of God’s transforming power in North America during the years of this up and coming generation.

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New Event: Sponsor Highlight

What is it? It’s a time set apart to encourage you, the sponsors. Ultimately, Jesus brings life to us, and He is the giver of life to our ministries. We understand how hard ministry can be and how refreshing encouragement can be in the midst of it. It includes:
• Tim Horton’s Breakfast
• Snacks & Coffee
• Interaction with other sponsors
• Sharing resources
• Teaching Topic: Intentionally shaping subcultures for Jesus Christ’s Kingdom
• Discpleship & NBC

What to Bring Check List
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Towel & facecloth
Hair products
Gym clothes
Some spending money for Coffee/Dessert Bar
Great Attitude
Open Heart
Warm outdoor clothes - many of the activities will be outside

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The Heart of three60fiveJUNIOR 2017

This weekend is a means to encourage, support, and inspire young people closer to Jesus Christ through discipleship. NBC biblically sees discipleship as relationship and teaching together. This weekend is a tool that God can use to bring hope, life and purpose to those who come. We see the darkness and hopelessness in Canada, and seek to offer a weekend that helps fight back with truth and light. We desire to see junior youth impacted greatly by Jesus Christ, given seeds of hope and love rather than the seeds of despair and fear.

For more information contact:

Adam Yadlowsky
1 888 862-5095

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