Director's Note

God was again so good to us this year. three60fiveJUNIOR capped out. We reached and surpassed not only our desired numbers, but reached our max capacity for the junior event this year. God’s impact was seen in the hearts of the kids, sponsors, the college students and staff. He used the speaker, Todd Goudy, the worship, the devotional times with the NBC students, and the fun-filled activities, to reveal His truth and show His love. God is good. The theme this year focused on Jesus Christ being the One who brings true life and who guards us from the thieves of this life that Satan uses to steal and destroy. God used it to impact and remind us where we need to be looking for real life and what real life is.

It was personally encouraging to me to hear Todd talk about how cunning Satan is and how prevalent and deceptive he is at using things in our lives that we think will bring life to truly distort us. I feel we don’t hear a lot about Satan and the true darkness in our own hearts a lot these days. It was refreshing and challenging to me to re-evaluate some of the things in my life that I look to for bringing life but yet truly will only slowly drain and distort it. It was good.

The Sponsor's Spotlight also went really well this year. A new direction in the breakfast and time of encouragement was a time of teaching in hopes of giving the sponsors something to walk away with that they felt was of value for them personally. We talked about the difference between leading and managing, and also about not leading lazily in what we are called to lead. We had several sponsors comment personally and on our evaluation cards about the extra value they found it these truths. Again God was good.

Here are a couple quotes from the weekend.

“God showed me this weekend that the kids are hungry for the Word of God, I need to encourage it in daily life more at home.”
“God showed me that I need to have a more focused direction for the youth group if I want to see these kids grow in the areas I feel God is calling me to grow them in.”

“God taught me how to love Him more and show me that I can be happy about who He made me to be.”
“God showed me that we can always trust in Him and He laid down His life for us so that we can trust in Him and walk with Him.”
“God showed me that I can just pray and that I don’t need to be perfect”

“God reminded me that I need to be guarding my heart and watching out that the enemy does not distract me from God.”
“God showed me just how important it is that we share the gospel with the generations below us.”

Thank you youth leaders and moms and dads for bringing your junior youth. We look forward to seeing you and your senior youth at three60five coming up in March 2018.

May God bless His people with devotion and a reconciled love for Him and His truth.

three60fiveJUNIOR Director
Adam Yadlowsky

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Adam Yadlowsky
1 888 862-5095