[testimonial author=”Ben Thiessen, 2nd year student on OMP Vancouver”]Benjamin ThiessenWow, I have been learning a lot and I don’t think that I can sum it up in a short little thing. I have been learning more about what God wants out of me, about where I am going in life. I have learned about my future, I have learned how to serve others better. I have learned about street people and how they get to the places they are at, and how they are real people with real stories, just as much as you or I. There have been some challenges and uncomfortable situations, but you become more comfortable with God and with trusting him and doing his will when you are faced with an uncomfortable situation.

God is teaching me that he wants me to do more and to be able to do more. I need him for the future and he has plans for my future. He has been speaking to me about those and about where he wants me in ministry and how he wants to get me there.Ministry is serving. It is not this grand thing of evangelizing heros of the faith running off to Africa. It is regular people serving God by loving others. That’s all.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Jordan Lepine, 1st year student on FMP Big River team”]Jordan L“What I learned: that in the most unlikely of ways, you can share the love of God towards others. Tonight, the Big River team had the opportunity to be with the local youth group. This was a great experience as we played various games inside the the high school gym. However, the part where I saw God throughout this experience was when I personally got to share my testimony in front of the kids. God gave me such great courage to speak in front of a group of kids I did not know. After my testimony was finished, the team and I were able to engage with the kids. I believe that we all showed these kids such great love and care by simply, interacting with them. Later when youth was over, the team told me that they enjoyed my testimony (even though I thought it wasn’t very good since I didn’t prepare). They told me that they were able to see God through that time of sharing wish I thought is crazy. I was very glad that people were able to see the Lord working through me to get to others. Furthermore, the Big River team couldn’t be better at this time. God has done some amazing work in all of us and the people we are reaching. I hope all of you have the same experience. God is good.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Angelle Mackenzie, 2nd year student on OMP Vancouver”]Angelle M“Well God has been breaking my heart lately for the people of Vancouver and around. When we got together with Trinity Western University I got a glimpse of what the church needs to be like. I was inspired by them and Hannah. Their faith was very evident. In everything they said and acted out. You can see that Christ is working throughout every single part of their lives by the way you look in their eyes and when you talk with them. I was like “WOW I want a faith like that”. I dont just want to imitate them, I want Christ to transform me from the inside out in everything I do so I can be a bright shining light for Christ. I have been finding it easy to talk to people especially girls. Sad thing is there are not that many homeless girls mostly because of prostitution. I actually had an opportunity to pray over Susan. She was working on the streets and she told me she usually doesn’t get prayed over because she is usually the one who prays over the other girls. She just got out of the Hospital so please pray for healing. One thing that I have been noticing is that God is providing strength. I knew that I got exhausted easily so it has been amazing to see God giving me strength when I needed it. Hopefully people can see a change in me because I see a change in me. I really am excited to see how God uses me. Anyways, it seems kind of cliche but its so true!”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Xyla Webster, 1st year student on FMP Regina team”]XylaW“Learning today: God can work in huge and little ways, and more often than not there is a lot of overlap. Don’t take the little things for granted.
Impacted: We visited Sacred Hearts school today and though we were strangers to the classrooms we were in, the kids faces lit up with the biggest smiles when we walked in. All we did was read with them, and sometimes just listen to them read. It was so apparent that our mere presence was impacting them, and one could see God in their smiles.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Abi Anderson, 2nd year student on OMP Vancouver”]Abigail Anderson“Day 5 OMP Update: What a day it was indeed! An early morning and late evening but it was so good. This morning we went back to Gleaners and helped out there cutting parsnips and broccoli and then helping on the assembly line packaging the soups. It was such an honor to work with all those at Gleaners and get to connect with the other volunteers. I love this ministry! For the afternoon we went to UGM (Urban Gospel Missions) and helped out in the kitchen, served lunch, as well as cleaned up after the clients ate. We then got a tour of the building and a explanation behind the whole organization. As well as we had the opportunity to hear a testimony of an alumnus of the program at UGM. We were then blessed with a delicious steak and fries meal, cooked by red seal cooks = AMAZING! In the evening we got to do streetlight ministry with some Trinity Western University student on Hastings in downtown Vancouver. What an experience and something that was really eye opening to me. It was so cool to love on people and hand out hot chocolate. It has been a day in which I give thanks to the Lord and rejoice in the hope that I have in Him.”[/testimonial]

Ministry 1
Lorrene helps organize clothing as part of her FMP ministry with Healing Hearts in Regina
Ministry 2
The ladies help organize clothing as part of their FMP ministry with Healing Hearts in Regina
Regina Team 4
Oh oh I think the Regina FMP team has gone a little crazy….
Regina Team 3
…Never mind, much better


The FMP ladies serving in Regina with Healing Hearts ministry


Jeremy L, FMP team leader to Kinistin, introduces himself to the students

Gleaners 1

Jordan Bergan, OMP student, helps out at Wagner Hills
Gleaners 2
OMP team help organize storage space at Gleaners


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