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    In the verses leading up to 1 Corinthians 8:6 it is talking about how, to the world at that time, there are many “gods” and “lords,” and when 1 Corinthians 8:6 says that there is “one God, the Father,” and “one Lord Jesus Christ,” Paul is essentially saying that “God” and “Lord” are the same thing. According to ancient Semitic language, their god ba’al, meant “owner” or “lord” according to Britannica.com. Since “ba’al” (lord) was their “god”, I would think that Paul is simply saying that Jesus is God in a different way to connect it with their history of life in Canaan and the gods there so that they understand that Jesus is both “Lord” and “God.” This verse also says (but is not included in the article) that we exist through Jesus. If Jesus is not God and was created, how can we be created and sustained by another finite being? Does Arius not believe that Jesus created the world like it says in John 1:1-3? It is also hard to miss that the verse says, “by whom are ALL things.” That would seem to imply that Jesus created Himself according to Arius if Jesus was created. Arius says that Jesus was created by God and therefore he says He had a beginning. In Hebrews 7:9-10, it says that Levi paid tithes through Abraham to Melchizedek even though Levi wasn’t even born yet, so applying this logic, it would seem that even though Jesus hadn’t been “begotten” yet, He was still with the Father and doing the things same things the Father was doing and therefore still existed from eternity past and will exist until eternity future.

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