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    North Korea is run by a communist government and Christianity is looked at with such suspicion and threat that if one Christian is found their whole family may suffer. There is a religion called Juche that has a focus on worshiping the Kim family in government, similar to how ancient governors of Rome like Decius wanted to have citizens worshipping and sacrificing to images of the Emperor and Roman gods.

    Christians in North Korea can be sent to concentration camps where they work unbearable hours, are mistreated and not provided with sufficient food and drink. With all that said the Christians in North Korea hold firm to their faith.

    North Korea used to be known as the “Jerusalem of the East”, proving once again how the ruler of a country can so greatly affect the treatment of Christians. Such as from Diocletian to Constantine.

    Our current day Billy Graham traveled there and met with the leader, such as other martyrs had done like Polycarp, Ignatius, etc. There is a certain bravery that seems to come with serving the Lord and having the strength of the Holy Spirit.

    Deacon Jang was arrested in China in 2014 and is serving a 15 year sentence for sharing the gospel, and his work helping North Koreans that crossed into China for food and other necessities.

    “Jang is serving a 15-year prison sentence for allegedly defaming the Kim regime, attempting to incite subversion of state power, and providing aid and gospel to North Korean citizens.” He is still alive and suffering unbearable circumstances. There seems to be various campaigns fighting for his freedom. It would be fascinating to hear from him, I wonder if he would say similar words of ancient Martyrs, desiring martyrdom.


    5 Surprising Facts About Christianity in North Korea



    As it was in the early church, most of the converts were individuals who were encouraged in watching the life and examples of Christians. As it so important to be leading lives following the example of Christ, I am wondering how the individuals in Korea, who converted to Christianity, had been encouraged at all, especially being in such an extreme and dangerous place to be a Christian. But, my main question that I am more interested in, is how do the Christians convert and encourage an individual in all places of high persecution. Also, I wonder about the struggle between the the demands of worshiping Juche, but the individual being converted to Christianity, and how that may rise the worry about getting found-out and persecuted. Yet, I am very encouraged to hear how the Christians in Korea remain strong to their faith!


    It is disheartening to see a country that is so closed off to the Gospel. However it is encouraging to see people still trying to reach them even though they face heavy persecution.
    Do the Koreans see the Kim family as gods, or are they just forced to worship them as if they where gods?

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