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    One country that has severely persecuted Christians in the past five years is Pakistan. A similarity to the the Churches in the past is, Pakistan government say that they do not want to paint their country in a particular light. In Pakistan anyone who preaches from the Bible is considered a blasphemer. Christians are considered a minority there and because they are a minority the government dose not want a foreign religion coming in and taking over their country. Muslim is the main religion in Pakistan and since the Muslims do not like the Christians, this is another reason why they are persecuted.
    The persecution they face is similar then what the early church had faced. In Pakistan it is not illegal to be a Christian. However those found to be Christian are sometimes drug out into the street and beaten by the police. Others can be taken from their homes and sold into sex slavery. Even though they are persecuted for their faith Christians are no longer killed for their faith in Pakistan. Persecution is still quite heavy in Pakistan today.

    Pakistani Christians Continue to Face Deep Discrimination

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