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    I have recently started going to a new church so I will use them both for this. My new church is similar in architecture in that it is used for another purpose as well as a “church” like the early churches pre-Constantine. Its not a house, it is a rented space in a theater within a public building. Neither church has a baptistry, they just use horse troughs. In worship, neither church is communion centered, but there is a public reading of scripture; this reading is not from each of the sections that the early church did it is the scripture that the pastor will be preaching on. As well as the reading of scripture, the pastor also prays. When my old church did communion (which was not every Sunday) they would say that if you are baptized, then you are allowed to partake in communion. The new church does communion every Sunday (when we were able to meet together) and anyone who has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour is allowed to take part. In both churches they have baptism classes where they would be taught about the Bible and what their lives should look like after making this public declaration of Christianity, but there is no age minimum, they just have to be able to make that decision for themselves. The new church also does a reading of the questions and answers of the New City catechism every Sunday so even those who haven’t decided to get baptized are still receiving some of the training. When I was younger, my old church used to baptize with pouring, but now they do immersion with the baptismal candidates wearing robes as does my new church, even though we don’t have any living water near by and they heat the water if it’s cold. When they are baptized, they are then a member of the church.

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