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    I am not so sure of giving an exact answer for one side. The History of the Crusades is ‘almost’ all over the map, if the Crusades are morally justified or if they could be, how if done differently. I also did not see the value in the Crusades conquering the Holy Land with such force, especially in the religion differences. But for me to choose, I do not think the Crusades were morally justified in how it went about, yet justified in the plan to take back the Holy Land. As it seems the focus is almost for the right reasons but going about in the wrong way. It tests the Word of God, especially in the era which Christ taught us in loving others, even our enemies. If the Crusades were to be justified, we would see the shadow mission and what went on in each crusade war, match up with the right reasons of living in peace with everyone, in the taking back the Holy Land.

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