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We believe everyone can become fully alive in Christ.

Associate Pastor at Cariboo Road Christian Fellowship (CRCF Church)

Our Vision
Many people who live today aren’t really alive. They may be far from God, they may be unaware of his Spirit, and even those who follow Jesus can still live a life without purpose, passion or true community. This can lead to a life that appears to be successful and self-sufficient, but in reality, is hollow, unfulfilled and spiritually vacant; a life devoid of meaning, plagued with apathy, burnout and can even cause some to miss out on eternity. That’s why at CRCF Church we are passionate about proving an authentic community that is rooted in God’s word, dependant on the Holy Spirit, and that ministers to the whole person; providing healing, hope and purpose for you and your entire family. Because at CRCF Church, we believe everyone can become fully alive in Christ.

The Person & Requirements
This Associate Pastor position is focused on all ministries related to the core vision of the church. This role oversees this vision and the departments directly related and is key to ensuring that this church is making a difference in bringing people into a life that is Fully Alive in Christ.

  • Philosophically aligned with the Church Vision, Mission, focus and strategy.
  • Fulfills character qualifications as highlighted in 1 Timothy and Titus.
  • Pursues a deeper relationship with Christ and greater spiritual growth through prayer, the gospel, and community.
  • Proven spiritual maturity and theological depth.
  • Passion and skill regarding the development of individuals.
  • Vision for the growth of the organization through existing leaders and those to come.
  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in biblical or Christian studies, or 10+ years of church ministry experience.
  • Proven ability to teach theological and biblical concepts.
  • Proven ability to recruit and train volunteers.
  • Oversee paid staff and respective ministries.
  • Volunteer management experience is an asset.

Job Responsibilities & Duties

  • Oversees and supports staff, and the following ministries: Generational Ministry (Children’s, Youth, Young Adults, Encouragers), Discipleship & Connections Ministry (Connections Ministry, Life Groups, Membership), and Outreach Ministry (Missions and Good Neighbours).
  • Monthly attendance in networking opportunities with local pastors and churches.
  • Create, implement, and sustain membership processes – including managing member database with support of the Administrator.
  • Create, implement, and sustain volunteer processes.
  • Occasional preaching
  • Attend, Lead, facilitate meetings and retreats.
  • Regularly Attend scheduled ministry programs/events (to provide feedback/oversight)
  • Carrying out the vision of the Lead Pastor
  • Pastoral visits (hospital, homes, meetings with families, praying with members throughout the week, etc)

Hours of Work
This job is evaluated to be at 37.5 hours a week; Sunday to Thursday.
Ministry – 48%
Administration – 28%
Pastoral Care – 24%

Reporting Structure
This position reports immediately to Lead pastor.

Salary Category
This position falls under Associate Pastor category with a base of 85 units.

All applications go to:; Subject title: CRCF Associate Pastor
Include: Resume, Cover Letter, and 3 References

To apply for this job please visit