Fisher Bay Bible Camp


Currently posting a full time camp directors position for fisher Bay Bible Camp at Fisher Bay Manitoba.

Located approximately 200km north of Winnipeg Manitoba.

Position involves being full time director and responsible for overseeing:

  • Camp presentations at churches;
  • School presentations, radio (FR and Peguis).
  • Coordinate work weekends.
  • Plan the Walk/Bike-a-thon Fundraiser.
  • Church updates.
  • Camp Board updates.
  • Arrange for staffing and their training.
  • Ensure that the needed supplies are available for the Skills, Sports and Programming.
  • Plan a staff reunion.
  • Plan and run a winter retreat for the teen campers (Possibly add a second one for younger campers or an earlier one for teen campers and have 2 for them).
  • Attend board meetings.
  • Attend/Help with camp fund raising banquet in April.
  • Work with Camp Newsletter to keep churches/ supporters informed and connected throughout the year.

During camp the director is responsible for:

  • Sunday Staff meeting with those in leadership – program director, registrar, Leap leaders, the head cook and maintenance manager.
  • Morning Staff Meeting/Devotional/Prayer Meetings.
  • Oversee camp leaders (Head Cook, Maintenance Manager, Registrar, Leap Leaders, Program Director, Lifeguard, Senior Cabin Leaders).
  • Ensure that all the staff needs are adequately met.
  • Be available to meet with the Parents and the various Agencies that may be involved and give reports when needed.
  • Meet with the Health Inspector when he/she comes for inspections.
  • Lead camper orientation with the Program Director.
  • Oversee discipline and handle discipline situations that have gone beyond what counselors can handle, or beyond safety and enjoyment for other campers.
  • Get to know the campers as much as possible showing them God’s love.
  • Go through injury/incident reports to see if such incidents could be avoided in the future.
  • Keep the churches, board and supporters updated weekly.
  • Keep the board informed of any big concerns, needs or joys.

After Camp:

  • Ensure camp grounds/buildings have been closed down for the season.
  • Attend after camp board meeting to share how the summer went.
  • Create a directors report and share this at the board meeting directly following camp (approximately the week after).
  • Plan for next year.

Husband and wife team is an asset.

For all additional information please contact the camp board chairman,
Nat Comtois at:

To apply for this job email your details to