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Gimli Bible Camp has been doing ministry for 93 years! Our mission statement has
kept us focused all of these years…
to present the Gospel, particularly to those having the least opportunity to hear
of Christ and especially children and youth, and we disciple believers to living and
serving through His Church.

We are looking for summer missionaries who are excited to build relationships with
children. Every camper is one caring adult away from discovering a personal
relationship with Jesus. Are you that caring adult? Our campers are mostly
unchurched, and come from Winnipeg. About half are foster children, and lots come
from single parent homes. This combination of children can be difficult to work with,
but it is also so rewarding when they are able to discover the hope of Jesus in their

We are hoping to run day camps in July, and Lord willing we will run overnight
camps in August. We are looking for cabin leaders, lifeguards, Nurse/first aid,
cooks, special needs workers, maintenance helpers, and dishpit helpers! We love to
engage our summer missionaries’ passions and giftings. So if you have something
unique you’d like to offer, please let us know!!

Please contact us if you have any questions. You can check out our website for job
descriptions, and for the staff application. Through Onehope Canada Summer
Missionary Assistance Program, you are able to help raise your own support, up to
$500-$600 a week depending on your job at camp.

To apply for this job please visit