Edson Mennonite Church

Edson Mennonite Church

Our vision is to live by faith in Jesus Christ, be known by God’s love, and through the Holy Spirit be a voice of healing and hope in the world.

We are in search of a ¾ time pastor led by God to serve as the Lead Pastor at Edson Mennonite Church (EMC). Our church is a part of the North-West Mennonite Conference in Canada. We are located in Edson, Alberta which is 2 hours West of Edmonton and 1.75 hours East of Jasper. The latest census indicates a population of just over 8,000.

The average Sunday morning attendance at EMC in the year before Covid was 35. Our congregational is multigenerational with strong programming for Sunday School and youth. We have a strong relationship component to our ministry and we are looking for that to continue and to grow. Our greatest desire is to operate as a church clearly led by Jesus. EMC has been involved in a transitional process since September 2020. This process has involved surveys, formal and informal discussions, congregational meetings and much prayer asking the Spirit to guide us.

A number of documents have been created that will help the potential candidate to understand where we have come from, who we are and in what direction we believe the Spirit is leading us. These documents are available to potential candidates by accessing them in the following manner:

Application: The pertinent information can be found by emailing a request for the documents created by the Pastoral Search Committee and the Church Council to pastoralsearch@edsonmennonitechurch.com .

Please prayerfully read these documents before applying. If the Spirit leads you to apply, please include the following:

  • Your current resume
  • Your personal testimony, calling and philosophy of ministry
  • Questionnaire
  • At least two sermons accessible online
  • Four references including a volunteer whom you have led, a leader who has led you, and a person who is not a part of your church.

We will contact at least three of your references as we proceed with your application. We will acknowledge receipt of your application ASAP. The Search Team will review the information and will let you know whether or not we will proceed with your application.

Please email your application for this position or any questions you may have to the Chairman of the search team at

To apply for this job email your details to pastoralsearch@edsonmennonitechurch.com