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Associate Pastor Job Description

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i. Position Purpose
– To implement and participate in MMC’s mission: “To actively partner with Jesus Christ as a united body
in building God’s Kingdom through Prayer, Worship, Discipleship, Service, & Evangelism”
– To disciple children, youth, and their families into a growing relationship with Christ in both large and
small group environments
– To provide leadership and oversight of worship service: organizing worship teams, service leaders, and
children/youth Sunday School programming
– To organize the formation of small groups within the church body, while also leading one of these
– To assist the Senior Pastor in Pastoral Care and other duties as assigned
ii. Authority
– This position functions with authority from the Elders’ Board and Senior Pastor
– The Associate Pastor has authority over all other volunteers in worship, children, youth, and small group
iii. Limitations of Authority and Accountability
– The limitations of this position are determined by:
– Bylaws of Martensville and laws of Saskatchewan and Canada
– FEBC (Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches) Statement of Faith
– Strategic mission, vision, and policies of MMC as established by the Board of Elders
– Limitations specific to this position
– The Associate Pastor is accountable to the Board of Elders and Senior Pastor for overall direction of the
– Meets weekly with the Senior Pastor to discuss general responsibilities and accountability regarding
time management, especially in the area of balancing church and personal family leadership
– Submits monthly written reports of activities and expenditures
– Attendance at Board of Elders meetings is mandatory
– Completes an hourly expectation of 40 hours a week, with a maximum of 50 hours: for weeks
exceeding 44 hours, the hourly overage for the week will be banked as straight time and such banked
time will be taken as ‘time off’ at a later date
– Receives a yearly evaluation from the Board of Elders and Senior Pastor
– Submits a Criminal Record Check every five years and completes Plan to Protect training
iv. Skills, Knowledge, and Giftings
– A love for the Church and God’s Kingdom work
– A strong knowledge of the Bible, a working knowledge of theology, and familiarity of historical church
– A theological understanding of Christian education and its intergenerational application
– A post secondary biblical education is strongly encouraged
– Relationship skills: strong communication with a focus on interpersonal dynamics, especially when
relating with children and youth
– A spirit of mentorship/discipleship
– An aptitude of ministry areas (ie. music, children, youth, and small group programming)
– Strong administrative and organizational skills
– Ability to use standard computer office products (Pages, Numbers, Mail, Keynote, etc.)
v. Description of Responsibility (Based on 40 hour week)
A. Lead MMC through biblical teaching, discipleship, and lifestyle
– Joyfully and diligently spend time in the Word of God and prayer; pursuing spiritual disciplines to
enhance spiritual growth, with the goal of being a person of God
– They will maintain a lifestyle of spiritual, pastoral, familial, and professional development
– Maintain meaningful connection with FEBC churches in the area (Dalmeny, Langham, Waldheim) by
sitting on one FEBC board
B. Youth Programming – 20% Approximately 8 hours
– Oversee the organization of youth activities (Grades 6-12), as well as the development and execution
of a regular rhythm of programs focused on the vision/mission of youth ministry
– Oversight will include the following programs:
– Junior High mid-week program
– Senior High mid-week program
– Delegate & develop Sunday School programming for youth/children
– Activities/retreats
– Prepare biblical devotions to promote discussion, learning, and growth
– Equip current youth to share the gospel with friends
– Build a team of passionate adult youth leaders to help disciple the youth
– Be responsible to effectively communicate MMC’s youth ministry vision/mission
– Meet regularly with volunteers, equipping them for discipleship and direction, and praying for the
youth under their care
– Provide youth with opportunities for service and growth in their relationship with Christ (regular service
nights, mission trips)
– Conduct/organize annual youth retreats (YouthQuake, Youth Edge, etc.)
– Support and assist parents in the process of discipling their youth
– Remain in regular contact with parents of the youth, keeping them informed on upcoming events,
scheduling, and mission trips
– Submit a long-range youth calendar for the year to the Senior Pastor prior to kick-off
C. Youth Development/Mentoring/Counselling – 25% Approximately 10hrs
– Be responsible to provide care, guidance, and discipleship to a wide range of students, including
students in crisis and on the fringe
– Connect one-on-one with young people throughout the week
– Encouraged to be out of the office, engaging with students in the community
– Communicate and delegate among youth leaders to ensure all youth are connected with
– Network with professional caretakers who can assist (Christian counsellors, social services, etc.)
– Provide community service while engaging with youth, without taking priority over one-on-one
D. Worship Leading and Teaching – 25% Approximately 10hrs
– Collaborate with Senior Pastor in planning of Sunday worship services (in person and online) and other
worship events
– Recruit and oversee musicians in the church, connecting them to a worship team
– Provide spiritual direction and technical resourcing within worship programming
– Preach 12 weeks of the year, interacting with people after the service
– Follow up preaching by leading a evening Bible study during the week
E. Christian Education Facilitator – 20% Approximately 8hrs
– Oversee the organization and facilitation of children and youth Sunday school (organizing and
recruiting volunteers, providing teaching resources, etc.)
– Help facilitate VBS
– Oversee the formation and development of small groups within the church body
– Check in with small group leaders and provide support
– Lead one of the church’s small groups on a monthly basis
– Organize small group leaders before church kick-off annually
– Touch base with various boards, committees, and team members
– Meet with Senior Pastor weekly for encouragement, expectations, and accountability regarding
church needs and the fulfillment of job requirements
– Make long-range plans in partnership with the Board of Elders, ensuring a balance of activities,
Bible learning, and application through ministry and service to others
– Submit plans and reports on current month’s activities, including financial endeavours
– Assist in the area of Pastoral Care as requested by the Senior Pastor
F. Renumeration
– The Associate Pastor annual salary will be discussed as per qualifications (Experience,
Education etc.)
– Pastor will sign M.O.U after any significant job/salary changes
Updated January 2023

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