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About Lakeview Free Methodist Church:

Lakeview Church belongs to the Free Methodist Church in Canada. Our teaching style leans into the Jesus-Centered Hermeneutic.  At the core of our Church, we are guided by what we refer to as our Postures.

These four Postures act as the foundation for the direction of our Church.

1. Backward: Locating ourselves in God’s story.

We believe God has been actively at work in our world as witnessed in the scriptures and through the church. We stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us, and rest on the very best of our heritage to influence our practices and worldview.

2. Forward: Anticipating God’s movements.

We understand that our world faces challenges that must be thoughtfully navigated and negotiated. We are prepared to risk our comfort and security to help transform evil into good.

3. Inward: Creating sacred space to encounter God.

We commit ourselves to a personal, but not individualistic, devotion to Jesus. We also submit ourselves to one another trusting that in community is where we meet and hear God.

4. Outward: Collaborating with God locally & globally.

We accept God’s invitation to participate in the healing of our world. We welcome spiritual seekers and skeptics, and conspire with God in acts of justice and restoration.

Our Expectation = Your Opportunity:

– Your previous senior leadership experience will provide guidance and direction when leading the congregation, a growing staff, and even the Board when necessary.

– You see navigating through the pandemic as an opportunity to enhance and sustain the Vision for Lakeview and look forward to empowering those around you to help achieve it through strategic development and strong teamwork.

– We celebrate each other’s talents and are excited to watch you incorporate your own God-given gifts and passions to benefit Lakeview in anyway that you feel lead to do.

– Your descriptive written and verbal communication skills compliment your pastoral gifts and promote engagement and growth through your teaching.

– You see a challenge as an opportunity and can bring new ideas to help grow Lakeview’s volunteer teams as well as growing the number of Home Churches.

Please contact Davika at The Free Methodist Church in Canada Leadership Development office via email ( by February 22 to request a copy of the church profile and pastoral job description to prayerfully review.  Instructions about how to apply for the position will be sent with the profile.


To apply for this job email your details to