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What would it be like to lead a committed core of disciples?

Trailview alliance church has been ministering to Swift Current since 1945 and striving to be a “light on the hill” since 1980. The only church in the northwest hilltop “trail” community of Swift Current, Trailview continues to reach out to a community that needs the gift of grace offered by Jesus on the cross. Swift Current is a stable community of 18,000 people with a strong connection to agriculture but also a variety of industries in and around the city.

Trailview has a strong history of partnering with missionary efforts across the globe, an incredible children’s and youth ministry, a worship ministry that leads people into a state of authentic worship, and a desire to grow in discipleship and assisting people in leading a Spirit led life.

A committed group of people endeavouring to live a life led by the Spirit and working to make a difference in the community around us await a Lead Pastor, equally devoted to following the guidance of the Spirit, that God has prepared for ministry with Trailview.

Our purpose is to help people Encounter Jesus, Live Authentically, and Share His Love.

Can you help Trailview become what God has in mind for us?


Lead Pastor Job Description

1. Mission Statement

To glorify God by Encountering Jesus, Living Authentically, and Sharing God’s Love

2. General Responsibilities

A. Visionary Leadership

  • together with the board discern and set the overall vision and direction of the church.
  • advance and implement the vision through ensuring goals are set and appropriate systems and strategies are in place.
  • monitor progress and report regularly to the board of elders.
  • communicate the vision constantly and encourage participation among the church family.
  • communicate significant C&MA goals and strategies.
  • ensure personal spiritual growth and professional development.

B. Preaching Supervision

  • Coordinate and direct sermon series to be delivered via the Preaching Team and ensure sermons align with CMA doctrine and church practice/policy. Lead by example with consistent teaching and preaching that is engaging, challenging, and encouraging.

C. Staff supervision

  • design individual job descriptions for each staff position, give regular feedback to each staff and conduct a full annual evaluation each year.
  • advance the overall vision and direction of the church by working with each staff member and lead volunteers to set goals that help Trailview achieve the vision God has set before us.
  • hold staff accountable to the goals set each year in each area of ministry under their supervision.
  • ensure regular staff meetings occur.
  • monitor and promote staff’s spiritual growth and professional development.
  • present request/suggestions on behalf of the staff to the board of elders.
  • as needed, provide to the board of elders pastoral staffing needs as well as suitable candidates for approval.

Role Relationship: staff are directly responsible to the Senior Pastor and ultimately to the board of elders through the Senior Pastor.

D. Board Leadership

  • serves as chair of the board, or delegates chair to another board member.
  • work with the Chair of the board to set agendas.
  • work with the board on the setting and advancing of the vision and direction of the church.
  • provide leadership training/instruction to the board.
  • ensure the concepts and components of church health/NCD, including the most recent NCD measurement, are processed and responded to by the board.

E.     Church Health

  • oversee the implementation team to address church health related issues.
  • regularly promote and teach/arrange baptism and membership classes.
  • ensure appropriate staff presence at ceremonies (weddings, dedications, baptisms funerals).
  • be consistently involved in pastoring/shepherding and intentional about fostering relationships in the church, both between congregants and from staff to congregants.

F.     Denominational Involvement

  • will be available to serve at District and National levels as approved by the board.
  • will be in communication and serve in co-operation with District and National levels.

G.    Community Involvement

  • participate in community life outside of church activities.
  • take a lead role in the Swift Current Ministerial Association.

3.     Specific Ministry Growth Responsibilities

In response to the prioritized key activities and vision statement established by the board of elders, the specific Ministry Growth Responsibilities are listed below:

A. Give oversight to the Adult Ministries Leadership team and/or any staff involved in same. Ministries include:

  • integration of the congregation i.e. get them connected.
  • small Groups.
  • spiritual Formation (discipleship).
  • senior’s care and spiritual development.

B. Advancement of the identified Key Activities and Vision Statements

  • establish specific strategies and ministry action plans to advance the strategic plan of the church.
  • ensure that staff job descriptions reflect the components of the strategic plan.

C. Development/revamping, and implementation of a committee structure designed to assist in the running of the church and to fit with our vision statement.

  • establish a monitoring cycle where team ministry and individual responsibilities are monitored and appropriately reported to elders board.

4. Core Competencies

The core competencies which must be demonstrated in order to be effective in this position are listed below:

A. Prayer – a man of prayer, committed to hearing God through consistent and focused time on the scriptures and listening prayer.

B. Vision Casting – through prayer and lead by the Spirit able to sense, develop and communicate the vision God has designed for Trailview.

C. Developing Self – a leader by example, the lead pastor will be regularly working on setting development goals in skills, abilities and in spiritual maturity. Consistent growth in the fruit of the Spirit and in job related skills and abilities should be evident. The Lead Pastor will be mentored by an experienced Christian disciple.

D. Developing People – humbly coaching people; helping them build capabilities needed now and in the future.

E. Leadership – able to influence the actions and opinions of others in a desired direction; to exhibit judgment in leading others to worthwhile objectives.

F. Shepherding – humbly caring for the people that God places in your path, both the church attendee’s and community members. Genuinely building relationships and praying fervently for people.

G. Team Building – able to work with people in such manner as to build high morale and group commitments to goals and objectives.

H. Communications – spoken and written – Able to clearly present information through the spoken word, influence or persuade others through oral presentation in positive or negative circumstances; listen well; able to write clearly and effectively present ideas and to document activities; to read and interpret written information.

I. Energizing – able to create positive energy (motivation) in both individuals and groups.

J. Goal Setting – able to define realistic, specific goals and objectives; to prioritize objectives.

K. Interaction – able to communicate with others in a warm and helpful manner while simultaneously building credibility and rapport.

L. Big Picture Thinking – understanding complexity; viewing situations from a broad perspective.

5. Qualifications

  • ordained and credentialed by The Alliance Canada

6. Evaluation Process

  • the pastor will bring a personal and team ministry report to each board meeting.
  • the results of the NCD Church Health measurement will be used to monitor the effectiveness of ministry.
  • the board will complete an annual comprehensive evaluation.

7. Accountability Structure

  • the pastor shall be accountable to the board of elders and the district superintendent.

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