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The Pastor of Worship Ministries is a member of the Pastoral Staff and is selected and
called in accordance with the Bylaws and Constitution of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.
The candidate will be required to be licensed with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada
before consideration will be given to a candidating weekend. Ordination with the Christian and
Missionary Alliance in Canada will also be required after hiring within the denominational set guidelines.
The Pastor of Worship Ministries is responsible to the Elders Board through the Senior
Pastor. He shall be responsible for the prayerful use of the God-given gifts, example and
guidance of the leadership entrusted to him and for the direction and spiritual quality of all
programs, within his ministry area.
Compensation and other benefits will be reviewed each year by the Elders’ Board. Vacation
periods, insurance coverage, retirement and other benefits will be agreed upon during the
candidating weekend and reviewed yearly.
The Pastor of Worship Ministries bears the responsibility for worship at Trailview
Alliance Church.
Leadership of Public Worship Ministries
1 Leading, recruiting, developing, and training of worship leaders, and worship
2 To communicate with Musicians, worship leaders, and all public Ministries
personnel the direction set by the Pastoral Team.
3 To oversee and organize the Tech end of production. (Soundroom projection, lighting, online services
presentation and sound)
Other responsibilities
1 Attend weekly team meetings and conferences as scheduled by the Senior
2 Serve on the platform as directed by the Senior Pastor.
3 Contribute to the team meetings.
4 District involvement when cleared by the Senior Pastor.
5 Work in conjunction with other members of the Ministerial Staff as required for
equipment supplies, facility space, budgeting, etc.
6 Assure that adequate records are maintained in all your areas of ministry.
7 Give guidance and training to interns assigned to the department.
8 Report in writing to the Board of Elders per schedule.
9 Participate in the preparation of an annual budget outlining the anticipated costs
associated with this ministry area.
10 The Worship Pastor will be given other portfolios according to gifting.

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