(NBI staff – 1989-1994)

“Few men in my life have impacted me as much as Larry Rempel did. He was a mentor, a teacher, a pastor and a godly example of a husband and father. He gave me great advice as a student at NBI (1992-1995) who was 8 hours from home. He gave godly counsel as I dated and eventually married the girl of my dreams, Kathy (Wollf) Hyde (1995). He was the pastor who did pre-marital counseling for us and conducted our wedding ceremony. I admired him as the Dean of Men, how he was steady and intentional in making us young men think about faith and life. Years later when I was praying about direction for my life (1999) a mentor asked me who I admired and what did that person do. I immediately thought of Larry Rempel and thought of his impact on my life. I wanted to do that for other young men. That led to Providence Theological Seminary and a Masters degree in student development (2000). This led to Messiah College (2000-2001), Sterling College (2001-2003) and eventually Liberty University (2004-present) and a doctorate in educational leadership (2014). Now the Associate Dean of Students – Student Conduct at the largest Christian University in the world I oversee the behavioral issues with a student body of 15,000 students and still remember the impact Larry Rempel had on my life.” Mark Hyde, 1992

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