The students evaluated the college at the end of first semester.  Here are a few of the results and the encouraging comments and endorsements that the students gave:

On average, 9 out of 10 students rated 80-100% of the courses as a highly valuable learning experience.

100% of students agreed that their time at NBC during first semester was spiritually worthwhile.

100% of students would recommend NBC to family and friends.

Comments from the Students:

“I have matured lots in my knowledge and faith.”
“It’s a place that fosters spiritual growth and will help guide your life toward a greater purpose.”
“I love NBC because the staff desire to train biblically literate students who will be able to teach effectively in their ministry environments.”
“The teaching here is very thought provoking and has definitely strengthened my faith in the one semester I’ve been here.”
“Being here has challenged me extremely by making me step out of my comfort zone and grow!”
“I have been able to learn how to dig deeper into the Bible, and that is big.”
“I love the community here at NBC and the way that the staff invest in the students. I am so thankful for the way the school is focused on nurturing us in our walk with God.”
“Staff-Student relationships are big. Grown so much spiritually because of the discipleship. Also, bible focused classes play a big part in that too, not to mention the godly environment and community.”
“Its been an amazing experience where I have grown a lot spiritually and found other awesome people who are sharing in this awesome experience of learning right along side me.”
“NBC is a spiritually rich environment, where you’re brought to acknowledge and deal with things in your spiritual life that you may not have even realized were issues, and you are loved and supported the whole way through it.”

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