In our previous episode (4) Bradly introduce how important class is to growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  On Episode 5 today’s guest, Dr. Paul Smith, comes with some “clout” in the classroom.  He has taught in 15 countries around the world over the past handful of years, and has additionally spent numerous years with own training in the classroom in earning his PhD.   On staff at Nipawin since last spring, he shares from his experience and how he’s seeing the negative effects of a lack of biblical classroom training around the world.   At the same time, in his role with Admissions over 10 years, Jason is seeing less and less interest in the Canadian local church in attending a Bible College.  Is taking “bible” in class a waste of time?  Is it a better use of your time, effort, and money to do it on your own?   Join us and take in the discussion!

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