“If podcasts could win Superbowls….we acknowledge the recent victory by Tom Brady (what team is he on?), but quickly move on to our important subject of the day.   What is the ‘Core’ element of discipleship at NBC?  We walk through the realities of discipleship through community and through class (academic), but how either of those two, fall short unless they are very intentionally melded together in a life forming way.
Bradly talks about the ways NBC combines community and class together, and how we model to students the “how to’s”, and importance of doing discipleship as part of the local church, and how we walk with them on their NBC journey to best prepare them for the rest of their life with that on their radar.”  The show today dives into accountability, smaller groups of personal connection and walking together, and a discipleship pathway that lasts all of life.  Join us for a great 18 minutes of your day.

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