Jason served in Admissions and Alumni Relations for over a decade before taking on the role of President.  He enjoys many sports, music (look for him on streaming platforms), and is driven to ingest good books, podcasts, or anything that will lead toward continued spiritual, personal, growth. He dearly appreciates His local church and serving as part of the body.  Jason is married to Lindsay, and they are blessed with 4 beautiful daughters. The Elfords enjoy hosting people in their home, including billeting Nipawin Hawks players. Jason loves coffee and a good visit, and invites you to connect at your earliest convenience. He’d encourage you to regularly consider your hunger for spiritual leadership and influence, and remind that God is calling each of us that toward that end. NBC will help set your trajectory toward that!

Education Portfolio:
Christian Leadership Diploma, Nipawin Bible Institute, 1998;
Diploma in Radio Broadcasting, SAIT, 2002;
B.A.F.A. in Music/Recording, Prairie Bible College, 2005;

Nipawin Bible College Staff, 2011-