Jay is glad to join the faculty of NBC for the 2024-25 school year. He considers himself incredibly privileged to teach the Bible and theology in a full-time capacity, although he did not plan on becoming an instructor. After being born again and receiving a clear call to vocational ministry, Jay resolved to study the Scriptures with diligence. He figured that the Lord would use him as a chaplain, missionary, or pastor. Jay did serve as the volunteer chaplain of a basketball team, but the other two roles he envisioned himself in will soon be filled by some of his students. This is not the first time Jay has been surprised by God, and it almost certainly will not be the last.

Nipawin is familiar to Jay, as he used to visit the town periodically when he worked for a ceramic tile distributor as an outside sales rep. This was the second of three jobs he had in the building materials industry prior to entering seminary. The “real world” experience that Jay brings to the Bible college bubble environment is an asset.

Jay comes to the NBC campus with his wife, Katelyn, and two young kids. As a family, they enjoy Christian fellowship and using their gifts to help others.

Teaching Portfolio:
New Testament

Education Portfolio:
MDiv, Briercrest Seminary, 2024;

Nipawin Bible College Staff, 2024-