Adam Yadlowsky

Student Life Dean
We are always longing to be better and to grow in our understanding and in our intimate relationship with God. But we are also torn by this other part of us that just wants to have fun - to watch the next exciting movie, spend time with that most amazing person, buy some sweet threads, hang out a little longer with the gang that makes us laugh and feel so good about being part of something. We are continually driven by our hearts to reach out and take whatever amount of acceptance and pleasure we can find, because it feels like we get so little of it. We say to ourselves, "Why can’t I just have a little? I feel like I never get what I want.” And the truth is we don’t. Now don’t get me wrong, we get what we want all the time, but we FEEL like we don’t get what we want all the time. Confused? What you have to understand is that there is a clear difference between getting what you want, and feeling like you are getting what you want. We get what we want all the time, yet what we are wanting is still leaving us empty and longing for more. We want more because our hearts are still FEELING empty. This is why so many people in our First World, overly pleasured and spoiled society, who continually get and buy and take more and more, always FEEL like they never get what they want. It is time we realize that what we are getting is not satisfying what deep in our hearts we truly feel we want or need. NBC is all about us as individuals, through maturity and wisdom, coming to the understanding that what we need and what truly satisfies the feeling of longing for more in not found in the things we have been pursuing and getting. It is found alone in a deep and close relationship with Jesus Christ. Going to NBC is also about realizing that a casual fling or an occasional wave on Sunday morning service at Jesus is not going to bring satisfaction either. Living half grown up, one part of us in the pleasures and desires of the world and the other half in the pew of your Church, is also going to leave you feeling like you need more. No, only a close daily walk in deep relationship with Jesus Christ will truly allow you to feel and know that you have found all that you need. I love working at NBC for this reason. Because I get to be a part of young people acting old and mature. I get to see them put childish things aside and aim to focus on the one thing that will matter most for them in this life and the next. I get to be a part of them putting the things of the world and the wisdom of man and our culture second to the wisdom of Jesus Christ and His word. I get to see people step up and pursue what really matters. I love this place because it allows me to be a part of God's work and to spend my days focusing on Jesus Christ personally and focusing on Him corporately. I love my job and working in this place because as I see the students grow in maturity in Jesus Christ and I see many of them make the choice to make the biggest desire of their lives be Jesus Christ and determine to give their lives to sharing Him with all those they can. I get to witness students realize that their purpose is to bring the feeling and knowledge of true satisfaction in Jesus Christ. I love feeling and knowing that I am where God wants me and being used by Him to grow His kingdom, and although there is work to do I do not feel that I need anything more. I am at peace. Are you? Have you found all you are feeling you want and need?

Jennifer Enns

Dean of Women
God is so good and He is faithful. My life is a testimony of His grace. The Lord used my time as a student at NBC to change my life, and I am thankful to Him! My prayer and hope for this year as the Dean of Women is that I could walk alongside the young women at NBC, to encourage them in their walks with the Lord, to listen, to laugh together, to seek the Lord together, to drink tea and to serve together. I'm excited for how the Lord is going to move in our lives this year!

Bradly Lytle

Dean of Men
When I attended NBC, God completely transformed my life. I learned about who He is through classes, assignments, by doing life together as students, and getting to see each other and the staff live out what we were learning. Now I am honoured to be able to lead the men as their Dean of men. During this school year my hope is for the men to become closer to God through all the memory making moments: all the fun times, exciting times, stressful times and rough times. I hope to lead and teach them in a way that the Gospel of Jesus Christ would become and remain at the heart of how they serve others.