I wanted to share just briefly the heart of the weekend and why we at NBC feel we are called by God to have this youth weekend. Yes, it gets kids on campus and yes every year there are anywhere from 5 to 10 kids who come to college here who have attended three60five. But three60five is so much more than a recruitment tool, though I do not apologize that it is.

I don’t apologize because I believe in the calling that God has given me and the other staff here at NBC. A calling to discipleship and to push towards maturity in Christ for students who attend. I feel that Bible College is so needed. In fact needed more and more as I look at the Church in Canada today. It is not the state of the people in the Church but rather the state of those outside of the Church and what the Church is doing about it, that really makes me question the true state of us who call ourselves disciples of Jesus Christ. Bible College Discipleship is needed without question.

But just as needed are events and activities that encourage our youth towards a life lived only for Jesus Christ. I believe and NBC believes, three60five is about encouraging young people that there truly is hope in Christ and that high school, and even this life, is not the end. To encourage them that life in Christ is truly all we need. Even though when they look at the culture of the Church in our incredibly blessed country and society, it would seem there is also a lot of others things we also need. three60five is about growing the Kingdom of God and I believe very firmly that even if just one kid is saved during the weekend, all of our time, all our work, all our money and budget spent was well worth the cost. For we are talking about eternal salvation and there is no cost that one can put on the salvation of even one person.

I know that if I was lost, if I was destined to an eternal hell, I would pray that someone would do the work, someone would pay the price, someone would give of themselves so that I might hear the truth. If it were me, I would hope someone would pay the price no matter what the cost.

If it was you, what would you want people to pay? What kind of time would you ask for people to give up? What kind of work would you ask people to do so that you could be saved? The answer is that we would ask from others to give no matter the cost. If it was me, if it was you, we would think we where worth the cost.

They also are worth the cost, every one of them.

Jesus did exactly this for me. He did this for you. He paid a price we could not pay, He spent his life we could not give, so that we could be saved. three60five is about me, the staff, and the students here at NBC doing exactly what Jesus did for us for the youth of our country. It is about us being Jesus’ hands, feet, and love to these people. Are we not called the body of Christ?

three60five is about building God’s Kingdom. Its about growing and maturing those who are already in love with Jesus and encouraging them to continue in Him. And it is about sharing the Gospel and leading people into the Kingdom for the first time that they might find true Love and Life in Jesus Christ.

For the Glory of Jesus Christ and the Salvation of the World,

Adam Yadlowsky
three60five Director

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