The NBC board of directors, as well as the staff, faculty & students of NBC are pleased to welcome Dr. Wes Dobson back to NBC in his new role as president!

After interviewing candidates, the board selected a candidate and extended an invitation. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Wes Dobson has accepted the call to be the next President of Nipawin Bible College. Wes comes as no stranger to our college, having served 5 years as Academic Dean prior to his departure in 2014. We believe that God has directed NBC and Wes together again, and trust that through Dr. Dobson’s leadership, our college will continue to thrive into the future. Dr. Dobson will begin his role as President effective August 4, 2015.

We thank each one who diligently prayed for our staff and board during this time of searching. God has heard our prayers and graciously answered. Please continue to
pray for a smooth transition for our President, faculty and staff. Thank you for your continued support of NBC.

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