Tournament Details

  • Limit 12 teams (1st come 1st serve).
  • Teams of 3-5 players.
  • Open to all ages, can include men and/or women upon team's discretion.
  • Fans welcome!
  • Each game is half-court, reffed, with 15 min halves on a running clock.
  • Tournament starts 6pm Friday Aug 27th and ends 6pm Saturday Aug 28 (once the tourney starts, no roster changes can be made).
  • Canteen will be open during the whole tournament!
  • Payment for the whole team must be made before 5:00 p.m., August 26.  Payment is non-refundable.
  • Online registrations only - register as a team.

Each team MUST:

  • know the tourney rules (see below).
  • have at least one player age 17 or under on the court at all times (As of August 28, 2021).
  • wear identical colour tops.
  • be ready to play starting 6pm Friday Aug 27 until 6pm Saturday Aug 28.
  • have a volunteer for clock management when team is not playing.


  • Tournament fees are $20/player.
  • Fees will only be accepted by etransfer (
  • Please indicate that the fees are for the Basketball Tournament in the memo of the etransfer.
  • Registration will not be completed until fees have been received.


  • Accommodations are available in our dorms.
  • $40.00/room/night plus GST - maximum of 2 people per room
  • Please bring your own bedding (single beds).
  • Please contact the College to book accommodations (306-862-5095).




  1. Definition of fouls, violations, and general rules will follow FIBA unless otherwise stated.
  2. Each half will start with possession alternating.
  3. Jump balls will be awarded to the defense.
  4. The referee MAY add compensatory time at his discretion.
  5. Half-court rules: when possession changes on a made basket, a rebound or a violation, the referee does not need to handle the ball, but the ball must be taken anywhere outside the 3-point line. One foot of the ball carrier must be fully outside the 3-point line. When a foul is called, the referee must handle the ball. He will award the ball to the appropriate team outside the 3-point line at the top of the key.
  6. Fouls will be handled as follows:
    • Non-shooting fouls will award 1 point plus possession.
    • Shooting fouls will award the basket attempted (2 or 3 points) if the shot is missed (not possession).
    • A shooting foul committed on a made basket will award the basket plus one point (not possession).
    • Intentional fouls (not playing the ball) will award 2 points plus possession.
    • Technical fouls (including coarse language) will award 2 points plus possession.
    • Any combination of two intentional fouls or technical fouls in one game will result in disqualification from the game. Disqualification from 2 games from intentional/technical fouls will constitute disqualification from the tournament.
    • A combination of any 5 fouls in a game will result in disqualification from that game (the player will be “fouled out”).
  7. No hanging on the rim (this constitutes a technical foul).
  8. Halftime will be two minutes. No time outs can be called.
  9. Because of the number of teams and games being played, as well as the running clock, play will commence promptly after each stoppage/halftime/game breaks.
  10. This is a tournament for recreation at Nipawin Bible College. It is requested that participants, while having a great time playing/competing, show respect for all other teams, opponents, fans, referee, etc. Keep the spirit of the tournament positive and all can enjoy the day!

Additional Notes:

  1. Fans are welcome!
  2. Each team will be placed in a group for round robin play. Playoff seeding will be determined by the record in round robin play. Tiebreakers will be applied if necessary. Each team is guaranteed 5 games. We will do our best to keep any team from having to play two games in a row.
  3. The East half of the gym will be reserved for warmups for the two teams to play next. Bring your own basketballs for warmups. NBC will provide the game ball.
  4. There will only be 2-5 minutes between games, so be in the gym 15 minutes before your next scheduled game. We will start the next game as soon as the current one is finished, even if it is a few minutes earlier than the scheduled start time.
  5. All teams must wear identical color tops with numbers—limited to 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (only single digits, not 11 or 32 for example). Numbers made with tape are fine. In the event that two teams have similar colors, the first team registered will keep its color and the other team will wear pinnies provided by NBC. Alternatively, teams may carry two colors of uniforms if they wish. At the discretion of NBC, offensive logos or sayings are respectfully requested to be excluded from the attire of participants.
  6. Please do not bring radios/stereos into the building.
  7. Only gymnasium footwear (not black soled) is permitted.
  8. Teams are welcome to bring their own drink bottles, but drinks will be available for purchase (including water and Gatorade). Only closeable containers will be allowed in the gymnasium.
  9. By participating in the event, all players recognize the risk of injury in competition and agree not to hold Nipawin Bible College liable for any damage to person or property. Keep all belongings in your possession or locked in a vehicle as Nipawin Bible College will not be responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property inside or outside the gymnasium.
  10. Have a great time playing and/or cheering on your favorite team! Feel free to take photos!

Rules can be downloaded and printed off by clicking the button below.  Please make sure all team members are aware of the rules.