Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some more questions that we haven't answered yet? Here are some frequently asked questions that we often get asked. If these don't answer your questions, give us a call (306-862-5095) or email us ( We want to make sure you have all the information you need to help you decide to attend Nipawin Bible College!

Could I visit the NBC campus before school starts?

Yes, that would be a great idea! Once a semester, NBC offers Campus Days for you to come on campus and spend a few days just like a college student would. If these dates don't work for you, call us at 1-888-862-5095 or email us at and we can set up a visit for a different date. If you come while school is in session, you are welcome to sit in on some classes and talk to some students about your college options. No matter what time of year you come, you will get a tour of the campus and a chat with one of our recruitment personnel.

How much does it cost to attend NBC?

For the 2023/24 school year it will cost about $14,000.00. That includes room & board, tuition, and student fees.  For additional costs, such as text books and extra-curricular fees, click here.

Can I apply for a student loan if I’m going to Bible college?

Yes, you can. NBC is recognized by the Government of Saskatchewan and the Government of Canada as an approved Post Secondary Institution.

Are there scholarships available at NBC?

Yes, there are. NBC offers several athletic and music scholarships each year as well as an early application incentive. There are also a number of bursaries available for new as well as returning students. There are application deadlines for all scholarships and bursaries, so be sure to check them out soon. Contact us for more details.

I’ve already been to another college. Can I transfer credits in?

NBC tries to be as accommodating as possible to students who transfer in from other schools. If the courses you have already taken are similar to what we offer, they will likely transfer straight across. If you are considering this option, the registrar will need to see an official transcript and the academic catalogue from your previous school at least a few weeks before you arrive.

Could I transfer to another Bible college from NBC?

Even though NBC is not accredited, NBC students who have moved on to other Bible colleges and seminaries in Canada have had good transfer of credit. NBC holds to a high academic standard so that our students can continue their studies at other Bible colleges or at seminary without a problem.

Could I transfer to a secular college or university from NBC?

It would be difficult to transfer credit from most Bible colleges to secular schools, regardless of accreditation status. Because NBC is not accredited, it would be very unlikely.

Does NBC accept international students?

Yes we do.  However, there is a specific application process that international students must follow.  To read more about international student applications please click here.

Is NBC accredited?

NBC is not accredited. We hold to high academic standards which allow our students to transfer easily to a number of other Bible colleges and seminaries in Canada. However, our focus has always been more on the Bible, ministry training, and spiritual growth than on pure academics. Our strength is our ability to focus on those three things at an affordable cost to our students.

What sort of ministry opportunities does NBC have?

Students are encouraged to be attending a local church and helping with ministry there. Ministries include but are not limited to, youth ministry, teaching Sunday school and leading music. Some ministries that happen on campus include hosting youth retreats. NBC also has tour teams that travel around to different youth groups and churches doing music, drama and gym activities. Beyond these ministries, first and second year students will participate in a mission trip in Saskatchewan/Alberta at the beginning of the winter semester.

How does NBC promote missions?

NBC partners with Ethnos Canada to promote missions. We frequently have missionaries in chapel speaking to our students, and sharing about global ministry opportunities. Additionally, once a year we hold a Missions Conference with 30+ mission organizations attending.

Can I have a job while I’m at NBC?

It is not impossible, but it would be very difficult to hold down a job while studying at NBC. Although it is ultimately up to you, it would be tough to schedule a job into your school life and you would miss out on a lot of the fun aspects of campus life. Resident (dorm) students are expected to participate in the Student Work program, which is like working 4-5 hours each week in a part-time job on campus. The Student Work program helps keep room & board fees low. You can opt out of the program by paying an additional fee equal to the Saskatchewan minimum wage multiplied by the number of hours you would have worked.

What is the deadline for applications?

NBC receives applications right up until the beginning of the up coming school semester. It makes good sense to get your application in as early as possible since dorm space does fill up, there are financial incentives for early application, and applying before August 15th allows you to apply for bursaries. If for some reason you find yourself applying at the end of August or in September, you can speed up the process by applying on-line and having your references submit their recommendations on-line as well.  You and your references can also fax in the forms.

I've applied, now what?

NBC will begin processing your application once all of the application steps have been completed. The amount of time needed for processing the application will depend on how quickly your transcript and references follow your application, but normally you can expect it to take between two weeks and two months. In mid-summer you will be mailed a package with more information.

If you need help at any time during this process please do not hesitate to call 1-888-862-5095 or email and someone will be able to answer your questions.

Check out THIS PAGE to learn more about what to expect as you plan you arrival.

What denomination is NBC affiliated with?

NBC is an interdenominational school and not connected to any one church. The town of Nipawin a handful of different denominational churches, and NBC students are required to choose one as their church home for the school year.

Does NBC have distance or online learning?

NBC has a few different online and 1 or 2 week module course offerings each year!  Presently, we do not have a formal distance education program, though we occasionally provide correspondence courses for full-time students in special circumstances.  Visit the Online & Modular course section under the Academic area of our website or click here for more info.

What sports does NBC have?

NBC currently runs men’s club Futsal/Indoor Soccer and Basketball teams which typically participate in 2-3 weekend tournaments over their respective seasons. Beyond club sports, all students can take part in weekly Royals wRECk intramural sports while attending NBC.  Both students are staff participate in Royals wRECk which goes through varying different sports over the school year, which is another angle of building relationship and community life on campus.  Additionally, the Nipawin Indoor Soccer League is an adult co-ed league that uses NBC’s gymnasium and plays games each Tuesday night for most of the NBC year.  Many of our students take part in the league which is a good fit for any level of soccer ability, and quite affordable.

How many students attend NBC?

Historically our student numbers have almost always been between 45-75.  We feel NBC’s size provides a unique atmosphere where students have a safe environment in which to learn, ask questions, work through tough issues, and begin life-long relationships.