December, 2017

As the Alumni President and on behalf of the Alumni Executive, I hope your Christmas has been a great time of celebrating the birth of our Saviour, and I also wish you a happy New Year.

It’s easy for us to forget about everything the current NBC students are involved in - like finishing up 1st semester assignments and trying to prepare for any end of semester exams. Many have been serving faithfully in student ministries that take them off-campus and get them involved in the Nipawin community. Some serve on ministry teams like Facedown, Living Proof, and Access Team who’ve already been visiting churches and youth groups around the province and beyond. They are not given much time at NBC to be bored!

Remember to pray for the staff and faculty who have been pouring into the students, organizing events and accompanying ministry teams going out. Though it is “their job”, the staff still sacrifice much additional time and time with their families beyond what could be expected to make an impact for Christ and for NBC. I also want to remind us to pray for the NBC Board who continue to serve this school faithfully and with servant hearts through meetings and work that isn't always seen or noticed, but is often felt. This is just a glimpse of what’s been going on at NBC that most of us don’t see.

Missions Conference was held on November 3-4, with students given opportunity to engage with varying missionaries and organizations both local and global. Along with sessions, there were also missions booths and many other events which allowed great interaction. This is such an important annual event reminding students of the potential they have to enter the mission fields all around them — I would encourage anyone who might be interested to attend or if you know of an organization that should rep there, please contact NBC and talk to faculty member Joel Houston. Freshmen and Juniors will depart later in January for the annual FMP and OMP excursions to serve and grow through hands-on ministry and growing an awareness in missional work.

Alumni Weekend took place November 17-19, which was a fun and exciting weekend throughout! For both soccer and hockey challenges the NBC student teams triumphed over the alumni. We enjoyed crafts, the kids spent time cardboard box building, we visited in the coffee house and took part in the silent auction, inflatable games and much more. The workshop themes this year were extremely practical and personal, and between those and the two worship sessions, there was an array of options for everyone during those time slots. We had a great Obah night with an “Under the Sea” theme and a very competitive President's Pie Challenge resulting in NBC President Lance Schubert being pied by Student Council President Sharmyn Abrahamson. The weekend closed with speakers Dave and Sharon Dyck who shared an update of their life along with a message on Jeremiah 17 which tied into the NBC student theme this year of being “Rooted”.

Alumnus of the year awards were given to Manfred and Stella Neff for Distinguished Faithfulness in Ministry and to Dave and Marsha Reimer for Distinguished Service to NBC. You can find pictures and the write-ups for theses alumni presentations at in the alumni section. These presentations were stirring and an encouragement and challenge to many.

The Reconnect business meeting saw us accomplish much , giving out four Alumni Bursaries to Emily Reimer, Myles Abrahamson, Colton Abrahamson, and Benjamin Steppan who each received $500 towards their NBC tuition. We voted in new Alumni Executive with Shelby Desharnais and Joshua Nickel joining Andrew Gilkinson, Wynona Loseth, and myself for this upcoming year. Notably, we voted on an Alumni Project as well, which is replacing the 57 year old gas range/oven unit in the kitchen. On that note, I want to highlight that we raised over $20,000 during the weekend which is a record for an alumni weekend - Praise the Lord!!! 
We will not only be able to replace the gas range/oven unit, but will likely have a large amount left over to put towards the runner up project of replacing the dishwasher in the kitchen as well.

It was evident leaving Alumni Weekend that so many people are investing their time, prayer and resources into this school for which I am so thankful. As we look ahead to the New Year I would encourage you to hold the students and staff in prayer.

I want to end with a word of encouragement — there are many roles and ways to help NBC, however one that I want to highlight is electing a new Alumni President in November 2018. I have enjoyed the opportunity to serve in this position over the last three years, but this current year will complete my second term as President, after which I am required to step down. Please be praying for this important role and the person that God has to fill it. If God lays it on your heart throughout the year to either allow your name to stand for this position, or to specifically encourage or nominate someone you think would fill the position well, then do not set aside God's nudge. Please contact myself with anyone you’d like to nominate for this role.

May the holiday be a time for reflection, fellowship, and growth as I hope everyone is able to appreciate all that God has done for us and the opportunities he gives us to serve him.

Your alumni President,

Kyle Larson

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