November 2019

Nipawin Bible College Alumni,

I would like to give a summary of this year’s Alumni Weekend that just happened November 22-24. First, I’d like to thank everyone who was involved helping. This was done through preparation for leading music and workshops, helping decorate, making desserts, setting up chairs and tables for workshops and Obah Nite, organizing various activities, and so much more! Second, thanks to those who donated time, money, and items for the silent auction. Lastly, thanks to all who attended and for your effort to reconnect with the NBC family. We had about 160 registrations for the weekend! Without the Alumni’s prayer and desire to see God’s work done, this weekend would have been fruitless. Personally I was challenged and encouraged through the weekend and I hope that was the case for every attendee.

A tangible way we can praise God is for $15 000 raised to fund our Alumni Project. This will cover replacing all the 21-year old mattresses in both dorms! What a blessing to students for years to come. It is exciting to see that accomplished through the generous giving of the Alumni who have been moved by God to give. Let’s not limit our giving to merely Alumni Weekend. Even small monthly donations to NBC’s general fund are pivotal to the provision of the quality education that you may have experienced as Alumni and for NBC to continue to serve its students moving forward. Perhaps you’d consider joining Many Hands this year?! Perhaps there are practical hands-on ways you could bless NBC this current year if you have time, skill, or ability to serve that way. Reach out to NBC and let them know you’d like to serve. There is no task too small or donation too little to honour God and bring Him glory.

Please reserve the later weekends of November 2020 and plan to attend Alumni Weekend next fall! Here’s the new Executive who will work to plan next year’s event — Joshua Nickel (’08), Crystal Pelletier (’01), Julie (nee Desharnais) Fehr (’15) Jordan Lepine (’14), and myself (’15). Jason Elford (’95) continues to serve as liaison between NBC and our Exec. We’ll soon have personal bios for this group in the Alumni section at

Continue to keep NBC — its staff, students, and alumni in your prayers. Would you also pray intentionally toward recruitment efforts for freshmen next fall - that God would stir in the hearts of potential students (and parents) and draw them to apply for next September?

If you have suggestions, ideas, or insight regarding NBC’s Alumni please feel free to contact me or the Executive. Would you consider involvement serving in a small way at Alumni Weekend next November? There are many little ways we can use help to run the weekend smoothly. Let’s strive toward furthering God’s kingdom in prayer and humility, as representatives of Jesus and ambassadors for Christ.

A last note which may be of interest to some of you: NBC received a note from Cliff & Eleanor Maier recently. You’ll recognize their names as TRBI alumni and the writers of the NBC/TRBI history books (you should read them if you haven’t!!!). Eleanor recently had a significant stroke but has recovered greatly and recorded a YouTube video in response where she explains the truth of the gospel and what one needs to believe for inheriting eternal life. She hopes that many could possibly be introduced to Jesus Christ this way. The video can be found by visiting YouTube and searching for “Eleanor Maier Heaven” where you’ll also find a downloadable copy of the entire text if that’s beneficial for you.

Glad to serve you,

Josh Lees
NBC Alumni Exec President
723 B Lenore Dr
Saskatoon, SK S7K 5G8

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