July 2018

Joy, relaxation, pain and struggles — life can be all of those and more. We’re already half through 2018 and we share the common ground of many changes in life this year. For Raija-Liisa and myself, it has been most notably the blessing of our daughter Alaya Marie Larson who is already 3 months old. If you’ve had young kids, you might have found the days seem to by quickly, and it is tempting to want to take time away from other commitments. However, as I finish my last year as Alumni President I will not be putting NBC aside, but rather am eager to continue my involvement. As of this past June it is an honour to have joined, along with Andrew Gilkinson, the NBC board.

I am glad to share with you that NBC has hired two new full-time faculty as of late June. Peter and Amanda Barber and their 4 children will be joining the NBC family as they move from Vancouver Island. Peter recently finished his PhD on the Gospels through the University of Aberdeen. The second is a familiar NBC face as Jeremy Loseth along with his wife Wynona and daughter will be returning. Also an alumnus, Jeremy was on staff in 2016/17 splitting a faculty position with maintenance work. He is also currently working towards his MA in Apologetics. Facilities and infrastructure-wise, this summer has brought work on filters for the water system, brand-new shingles for Rempel Auditorium, among a couple smaller aesthetic improvements in the Ed Centre. Let’s pray for the NBC board and staff as they work hard through the summer to prepare for the upcoming year and represent the College at a few camps as well.

Plans are well underway for the 2018 Alumni Weekend November 23-25. Please plan to join us, enjoying the fellowship of a large group of alumni while also meeting the NBC students this fall. You’ll find attached a poster with some details, and also a note about the Alumni Hockey Challenge game this fall. You’ll notice some familiar faces as Larry Rempel comes to speak and a few alumni come to lead workshops.

I’ll end with a broader observation and encouragement. Earlier this year changes were made to the Canada summer jobs funding program which many Christian organizations have taken advantage of in years past. Bible camps, summer church programs, youth centres and more were put in a position by the Canadian government asking them to affirm un-biblical stances on abortion and sexuality, or else to lose funding. The knee-jerk reaction is to feel contempt for the government or individuals behind creating this reality. But I’ve been encouraged to see brothers and sisters step up and become more involved and invested into these ministries because they’ve become aware of needs made from this lack of funding. It’s a reminder for us to continue to seek involvement with ministry of some form. I encourage you to seek out ministries in your area and how you might be a blessing to them through some sort of service. From NBC, to camps, to your local church there is likely a place somewhere for God to use you. Isaiah 6:8 says “Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here I am. Send me!”

May we all call on God to send us.

Yours Cordially,
Kyle Larson


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