September 2022

Alumni of NBC,

Hello and thank you for your time and attention. I have had the privilege to meet my second son 2 weeks ago (September 12), Jacob Murray Lees! I am convinced that a new baby can teach so much about my own short comings and how good our God is. Thankfully our Father is patient, just, slow to anger and abounding in love. As well as the new life of our son, my family went through our first year of my Dad being in heaven (September 25). What should our response be to these milestones? My hope is to pray in every good and difficult moment. We as Christians can rely on the body of Christ and be comforted by fellow believers. As alumni of Nipawin Bible College we have an additional common ground to connect with each other and offer comfort and help. 

As we look forward to meeting at Alumni Weekend please be praying for the people who will be participating (staff, students, alumni). Pray that God will use the weekend to push people out of complacency and stoke the passion of pursuing God and His will. We hope to have a full campus where meaningful conversations and connections can take place, both with previous friends and new ones.

With the Weekend fast approaching I want to remind you to register now at Any questions you have about Alumni Weekend will either be on the website or you can contact me directly via email or Facebook.

We will continue to look for Alumni Executive nominations, as well as nominations for the position of Alumni President, since I am finishing my full term of 4 years this November.  We will be voting a new President into place this coming Alumni Weekend - please be in prayer about that.

I look forward to seeing you this year at Alumni Weekend!  Bring your Obah Night costumes, your money for the Presidential Pie Challenge and Silent Auction, and a willingness to commune with fellow believers. 


Josh Lees
1642 98th Street
North Battleford S9A 0M8