To provide a learning experience in which our students intellectually and personally process Biblical truth providing a foundation for discipleship and tools for leadership in the 21st Century.

The educational experience takes place in the total environment of the college. This includes the classroom and academic portion of that experience. The goal is a learning experience that integrates discipleship into each course and each class. This is accomplished by connecting students to the world around them; their local church ministry and the broader mission of the church. We hope that classroom teaching, discussions and activity flow out into the hallways, dorms and life beyond college.

All theology is practical as it should change and affect how we live as disciples of Christ. We need to assist our individual students in realizing their full potential as Holy Spirit-indwelt persons with a God-given mission in this world.

Whether students attend NBC for a formational year before heading off to university or complete a full degree program we are confident that the NBC academic experience found in these programs will accomplish the goals of each student.