Register for Classes

This year we are asking students to register for their classes before they arrive.  If you have any questions about the registration process or have issues or special circumstances that don't fit with the registration form, please contact the college (306.862.5095).

How to Register:
  1. Click on the appropriate button below for your registration form.
  2. Fill in your contact information.
  3. Select your core courses by checking the appropriate boxes - look at the lists below to determine what courses are required for your respective program.
  4. Select any electives you would like to take - note that there are options for either credit or audit.
  5. If you are planning on auditing a course, indicate whether you will purchase the textbook.
  6. Total up your credit hours
  7. Total up your audit hours
  8. Click "Submit."

NOTE: Most electives are not open for registration at this time.  Register in August for your electives.

Course Descriptions

If you would like to know more about the courses, click here to go to the Course Descriptions page.  Descriptions for some of the courses will be added as the instructors finish the syllabus for it.

Foundations for Life Certificate

Freshmen Requirements

BI1013 Pentateuch
BI1113 Synoptic Gospels
TH1023 Approaching the Bible
TH1033 Understanding the Bible
CM1013 Apologetics & Evangelism
PR1011 Student Ministry

You may take an elective course if you wish.

Christian Ministry Diploma

2nd Year Requirements

BI2013 Historical Books I
BI2123 Corinthians
BI4023 Minor Prophets
GE2013 Church History I
PR2011 Student Ministry
One Elective Course


GE3113 Biblical Hebrew I - 3 credits
CM2103 Establish: Foundational Disciple-Making - 3 Credits
CE2233 C.S. Lewis - 3 Credits
Piano Lessons

Bachelor of Christian Ministry

3rd Year Requirements

BI3013 Historical Books II
BI2123 Corinthians
BI4023 Minor Prophets
CM3013 Leadership Dynamics
PR3012 Leadership Practicum
One Elective Course

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

4th Year Requirements

BI2123 Corinthians
BI4023 Minor Prophets
CM3013 Leadership Dynamics
PR4016 Ministry Internship
One Elective Course

1st Semester Elective Registration

If you have already registered for your courses and just need to register for electives please click on the button below.